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August 17, 2007



Deogolwulf's notes on Rorty are worth reading in full, as a compendium of philosophical ways of saying "You're wrong! Haha!" and stamping one's foot. Someone in the comments raised Johnson's "refutation" of Bishop Berkeley. Nice to see that sort of "refutation" is still alive and, er, kicking.


I thought you’d appreciate that one. It made me laugh, though perhaps for different reasons. And you see how I tailor ephemera entries to my regulars’ inclinations? That’s bespoke, that is.



Don't think I didn't twig that you were calling me out. People accuse me of being a little too self-referencing on occasion, but this time my ears were burning...:)


It’s always done with deep, deep love.


Speaking of bespoke, David, thanks for the Visualizing Data ephemera link. As a fan of Edward Tufte, I've book-marked that site for further perusal this weekend, as a Friday ephemera might suggest.

And so in kind, I'd like to recommend to you my Sagacious Iconoclast's Tax Calculator, which computes how much of your income goes to the government, directly or indirectly.



Thanks for that. And, yes, I thought the Fidg’t was particularly lovely. See today’s unscheduled post for additional data bling.


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