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December 04, 2008



Heh. It's the rhino drool in the last link that makes it special.

Brian H

Is the woman in the shorts "presenting" to Captain Marvel?


It looks like he's really into the rhino. :)

The Thin Man

As my working day often involves dodging torpedoes whilst strapped to a buoy, I find this post offensive!




TTM, are you channelling Amanda Marcotte?

No doubt someone somewhere will be demanding an apology.

Though I’m not sure who could claim to be offended. Women? Super-powered women? Believers in Greco-Roman deities?

carbon based lifeform

But were they "more innocent times"? Didn't anyone notice?



I’d guess it’s always been noticed to some extent. Superhero comics have always been read by both adults and children, most notably in the armed forces during WWII. Fredric Wertham noticed, and I’m pretty sure the artists must’ve had the odd chuckle. Wonder Woman’s creator, William Moulton Marston, wasn’t exactly without his quirks. Today the sexuality is just a little more overt, partly as a result of more sophisticated illustration. For instance, Power Girl’s décolletage now virtually has its own sub-culture:

Wonder Woman

Damn those torpedoes!

I'm often asked why, of all the female superheroes, I chose Wonder Woman as my alter-ego. I say, once you get to know me a little, it becomes rather self evident.

And THIS is why you are a daily read for me ;)


And its own gravity.



I do try to keep my, um, punters happy.


my my, what a gal!


"Suffering Sappho!"

It's a veritable fountain of irony.

The Thin Man

"are you channelling Amanda Marcotte?"

Yes, funny isn't it, that Amanda Marcotte and Wonder Woman are never in the same place at the same time? Oooo! Do you think we've penetrated (and I love using that word in a Marcotte context, it feels deliciously patriarchal) her secret identity.

I suspect that if we suggested Marcotte wore tight blue satin pants and that gold pointy bra thing that the fecal matter would carom the flabellum at very high velocity.

I'm sure she'd hate the word flabellum too.


On an entirely unrelated note… Wonder Woman: The Later Years:




Are you referring to all those objects that resemble bombs?

Jim C.

You want kinky? Comic book bondage cover of the day:

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