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January 02, 2009


James S

Wow, I could take a hell of a lot of 5-year-olds in a fight. :)


how many JS?
i could take out 27 :D


That's exactly what I look for in a man. :)

Brian H

From the liposuction story:

"It is apparently illegal in the United States to use human body parts as fuel to power automobiles… Although the idea may seem a little strange right now, it's not hard to imagine a future where people are either encouraged or forced to donate their bodies back to society upon their death by converting their physical body mass into usable energy."

"forced to donate their bodies back to society" ?!


“forced to donate their bodies back to society”

As we’ve seen several times, there’s a disturbing overlap between the environmental movement and people with totalitarian urges.


actually... just read some of the original forum posts on the 5 year olds question.

..and i agree with some of the posters that it could easily be in the 100s (especially with martial arts training).
my 27 tally is seriously underestimated.


I read the liposuction story first at Tom Nelson

He linked from Forbes, which had the following comment from a reader:

"Lincoln (aka Ford) has never built a diesel-powered Navigator, and the only diesel SUV ever built by the Blue Oval was the Excursion - not a lot of those in California. This story sounds like a bunch of BS invented by a shady doctor who was throwing his medical waste into the trash, but he needed to explain where it was going since he didn't pay for medical waste pick-up."



Quite possibly. Though I was more interested in how… enthusiastically the idea was received by the folks at Natural News.


Yeah sure, but the reaction of Natural News is only different in particulars from the MSM's attitude to AGW stories in general

I note in particular that GW has now killed off the Loch Ness monster and caused increased UFO sightings.

AGW has become the vehicle of choice for rent seekers and get out of jail excuses.



"my 27 tally is seriously underestimated."

They'd wear you down eventually with demands for pocket money, crisps and expensive trainers.



The “complete list of things caused by global warming” is entertaining. Beer shortages, glowing clouds, crabgrass invasions. There’s an angle for almost everything.


the sense of entitlement is an outrage.
it would spur me on to culling ever greater numbers.

matthew is a good source of title sequences.
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly is a fave.:



Thanks for that. It’s an excellent site.

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