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June 05, 2009



If I had a Pygmy Jerboa of my own, I would name it Muad'Dib.

It's terminally cute, btw.


The 'Ragtime Pop' is sheer brilliance!


"It's terminally cute, btw."

I thought I'd think so, but...

It's all head. Those soulless black eyes, when it looks at the camera, are like a shark's. And it has a curiously insectile quality to the way it moves.



Yes, it does look a bit alien and pathetic, like it can’t quite deal with our atmosphere and could keel over at any moment. Maybe that’s the appeal.


This is the best (worst) of the dodgy demos:

"This song is called 'Making Love,' and it's basically a guide about how to tell your kids, who are too young to understand, why they hear mommy and daddy's bed creaking at night, or why they hear them making funny sounds."

Sample lyric:

Don't be scared.
Just climb into bed.
Those bedbugs won't bite.
And don't get upset at the noises at night.
Sometimes we jump on the bed.
That's why you hear it squeak.
That's why the headboard rattles.
That's why it keeps the beat.

But don't you dance on the mattress until you're old enough.
One day you'll understand this. It's called making love.



You’ve got to love a song about explaining to kids how that late-night buzzing sound is just “mommy missing daddy.”


Wow. I could rent a 74 acre island in the Caribbean for just $322,000 a week. Bargain.


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