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August 21, 2009



The tornado clip IS actually beautiful. It's like a painting.

I like the roof gardens too.


On the plane crash chart it says the odds of dying from blogging are 35,000,000:1.


Hm. Only slightly less likely than being mauled by a mountain lion. I’ll be extra careful, just in case.

carbon based lifeform

I want a subscription to "Cabaret" magazine.


“Man’s Conquest” looks like a gripping read.

Though if you called a contemporary magazine “Man to Man,” “All Man” or “Dude,” you’d be reaching a very different audience.


re: whiskey stones (or whisky stones, if you're drinking scotch):

My wife just said that would truly be whisky on the rocks.

Jason Bontrager

I chew on my ice. Whiskey Stones would be a bad idea...

Jim C

The Soapstone used to make Whiskey Stones is a form of Asbestos.

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