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September 18, 2009


James S

I like the Little People site. This one made me smile:

And this one:


Re spiders on drugs- still laughing at the tiny restraining order. :)



Yes, they’re fun. The second one reminds me of Chris Ware’s comics. This one too:


It’s the crack spider’s pimpmobile that sends it over the edge.

John D

Re the sci-fi corridors... No BSG?



Yes, a major oversight, especially when at least 20% of BSG took place in corridors of one kind or another. Galactica’s hallways even cropped up in song:

And Tarkovsky’s version of Solaris also gave good corridor…


Alien V Predator is another corridor movie with an Aztec twist.

John D

So is 'corridor movie' a new sub-genre?


The little people are cute. I came across the book in a bookshop and spent several happy minutes leafing through it. Unfortunately it's been saddled with an introduction by Will Self, who in his ponderous way nearly manages to strip the project of all its charm.

phantom menace

Stereogram tetris actually gave me a headache.

Vintage Porn

They have some awesome vintage porn photos still

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