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September 07, 2009



I've got to get one of those bras.


Pure awesomeness.


Let me get this straight. The bee bra fires chocolate?


I used to think I had seen The Gayest Thing Ever.

After viewing Ultimate Muscle Roller Legend, I realize I was wrong. Until Now.

excuse me while I go scoop my eyeballs out with a spoon.


Words. Fail. Me.

Karen M

That's got to be the world's fastest steamroller. ;)


From what I can make out, Ultimate Muscle Roller Legend is a mash-up of various anime, game and video themes, with some 90s porn star irony thrown in for added drama. A partial explanation can be found here:

Billy Herrington, the, um, actor on whom the main characters are based, apparently has his own fully-jointed action figure:

But I wouldn’t worry too much about what it all means.


And he comes with his own shower cubicle. How cool is that?

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