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September 15, 2009


Brian H

If I just nibble this bit and put it back upside down it doesn't count.



"[Mischel's] studies with preschoolers in the late 1960s, often referred to as "the marshmallow experiment", examined the processes and mental mechanisms that enable a young child to forego immediate gratification and to wait instead for a larger desired but delayed reward. Continuing research with these original participants has examined how preschool delay of gratification ability links to development over the life course, and may predict a variety of important outcomes (e.g., SAT scores, social and cognitive competence, educational attainment, and drug use)."

The red haired girl didn't even wait until the door shut. Doesn't bode well...


"If I just nibble this bit and put it back upside down it doesn't count. "

Bet they grew up to be ASDA workers:




David I saw this and thought you'd like it.


carbon based lifeform

The kid in the grey shirt is brilliant.



Thanks for that.


“The kid in the grey shirt is brilliant.”

Yes, when the door opens at the end his reaction is priceless. It’s a mix of “busted!” and “is Christmas here?”


"The red haired girl didn't even wait until the door shut."

Gingers can't afford to dawdle and dither, we've got a whole world to take over.


Ginger = EVIL, I learnt that on South Park so it must be true.


The boy in the gray shirt looks and acts like my 6 year old son, especially at the end!


So funny. Thanks for posting it.

Sam Hart

I'd be in the "Screw it, I'm bored", eat that marshmallow and start using the plate as a frisbee cadre. At that age I may also have tried stacking the chair on the table and climbing on it to get better range with the frisbee.


The little boy who get's the two marshmallows at the end is too cute. Sniffing it, poking it, drumming his fingers.

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