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November 12, 2010


Jason Bontrager

"Spot the difference" he says...you're an evil man David.


Uncool, dude.

But funny.


Well, that got the heart going at 5:25a,m...! :)


"The must-have Christmas present."

I'll take two. And a giant flip-flop monkey. :D


On big speakers, here's the relevant scene in Ruthless People where Judge Reinhold is selling the Dominator Speakers.


So big that "When you die they can bury you in it"


Speakers have to be as big as the woman you’re trying to impress.


It’s basic science.

carbon based lifeform

"Play spread sheet Armageddon with Impact Earth."

Cool. I managed to melt 84% of the Earth. It took a LOT of iron though.

Simen Thoresen

Unfortunately it only deals with newtonic speeds. I want relativistic speeds, damnit!



Think I might buy me a couple of those t-shirts. Thankee.


Somehow I made a crater wider than the whole Earth. Then I ramped it up and created a new asteroid belt between Venus and Mars.


After reading all about Porn and Precognition, I felt certain that I knew what I would find behind the "Booties for your hound" link. I'm a bit disappointed...

Ted S., Catskills, NY

Actually, this is the ultimate Christmas gift. At least, for the woman who has everything:


I saw the spot last year, and can assure you it's not a parody. It really did air.

I am, however, wondering what the women here think. :-)


I'd prefer shoes. But a Guardian T-shirt will do.


To continue the bacon-ness - Bacon as a Weapon of Mass Destruction - https://www.democracynow.org/2009/8/3/arun_gupta_on_bacon_as_a

"When in doubt add bacon & cheese"

Phil N

David I love your blog but my 3 year old son isn't as big fan any more.
Oddly he went to bed tonight better than he has in a month. Have any more
of those spot the diffence videos?

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