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July 01, 2011



Yes, but is it vaginal?



"The former Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi was nearly killed a few years ago after a robot attacked him on a tour of a factory."


Didn't Johann Hari win the Orwell Prize...? It all makes sense.


“Didn’t Johann Hari win the Orwell Prize...? It all makes sense.”

Mr Hari won it in 2008, I think. And the chronic confabulator Laurie Penny, who confabulated again in his defence, was shortlisted last year. So yes, there’s an irony in there somewhere.


Truly, we live in an age of wonders.


My favourite quote on the Johann Hari story
from quite a good piece from Splintered Sunrise:

'Which is not to say (and I’m trying to be scrupulously fair here) that Toni Negri or Malalai Joya might not have said something to Hari similar to what he quoted – he’d simply lifted his quotes from elsewhere because they evidently read better than what he had on tape. Which, as it happens, is the explanation given by Hari himself in his remarkably pompous blog post (“intellectual portraiture”, forsooth) owning up to this sharp practice'

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