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October 31, 2011



This is not helping my vertigo.


Someone owes me a new dinner.


The really stomach churning bit is when the guy says "I imagine I've got my parachute on my back, there's no problem" - and then slips.

Note to self: imaginary parachutes do not work.




carbon based lifeform

Amazing but insane. (I bet none of them have wives or kids.)


An American guy named Jeb Corliss has a youtube video where he flies off a cliff in Norway, I believe. At one point he zooms in so close to the ground that he snatches ballons out of one of his buddies' hands and the guy on the ground has to duck to keep from being hit. Don't know how you could possibly judge the correct height off the ground at those speeds. Insane. Corliss is now trying to get backers to fund a huge ramp so he can attempt to land with a chute.


. . . without a chute. Sorry.

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