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April 15, 2012



I think Anna should explain herself...


The boots made me laugh. And the squeaking. And the fact he’s obviously put quite a lot of thought and effort into it.


Good thing he didn't drop that remote...


I love how he's so ashamed that he wears a mask!


“I think Anna should explain herself...”

If memory serves, Anna also discovered this.

I see a theme.


Is there a prize for the world's most specific fetish?


I'm very confused. For one thing, where do you get an inflatable rubber Superman costume?


“For one thing, where do you get a giant inflatable rubber Superman costume?”

I’d imagine it’s a bespoke item, apparently made by these people.

Is there something you want to share with us?


Is there something you want to share with us?


No, definitely not. Just curious...


Is it an elaborate incontinence body-suit for the discerning geriatric?


Well, they also do inflatable diapers.


Ooooh......!...very naaaaas....

Kevin B

I was waiting for the bit where the bung comes out and he flies round the room making giant farting noises. Guess I watched too many cartoons as a kid. Maybe in the next part of the series.


they also do inflatable diapers.




I'm scared.


“I’m scared.”

Oh, don’t look so shocked. There’s also Coco Cow:

“This big beautiful girl features inflatable body, separate inflatable breasts with moulded nipples and hidden valves. Inflated hood and rubber overhauls. And a whole lot of booty!”

Go on, surprise the kids this Christmas. Or thrill your significant other.


I think there needs to be a rule34 TLD (top level domain).

John Holland

Right, I guess that's it then. I've now seen everything. Time to cancel the Internet connection and take up lawn bowling. I mean, what could possibly be left to see, dare I ask?

Mike James

I never, before watching this, advocated in favor of prudishness, primness, priggishness, or any other level of sexual continence or moral self-control. I wouldn't have described myself as that sort of person.

Hell, I liked sex, but I'm not sure that I do anymore.



Think of it as… er, performance art.

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