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April 20, 2012



Incredible. How was the photo taken?



Using the gun camera of another F-15 - one of four engaging the MiGs. Apparently, though, it was a friendly welcome. The aircraft were on their way to an international air show.


Ahhh.... of course. I should have followed the link.


Wow and wow.

sackcloth and ashes

'Apparently, though, it was a friendly welcome'.

With fast-jet pilots, encounters such as this aren't entirely 'friendly'. In this case it was probably a case of 'Welcome comrades, in the interests of glasnost, to US airspace. Please don't forget that it's ours, and today you're guests'.

It's such an awesome pic. Here's one without contrails.


I'm astonished at the quality of the shot, if that's from a gun camera!

Sanity Inspector


Mike James

Well, the contrail image lasted as my new desktop for about as long as it took to click on sackcloth and ashes' image of the Eurofighter and the Bear.

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