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July 03, 2012



Not so much a roar as a pfut.

It will impress the kids though.


"It will impress the kids though."

Chicks too. They go crazy for this sort of thing. Take your 'book of matches' rocket-launcher down to a singles bar and there’ll be a stampede in your direction - guaranteed.


That's the most blah video on the entire web.


What would happen if one of the o-ring seals failed?


I used to make those rockets when I was a kid. And yeah, they didn't go too far. But that cannon -- wow, it kicks ass! Why do such things please me so?

Spiny Norman

Same here, clazy8. I must have one of those tiny brass cannon. Effin' brilliant.

::voice in my head::

"You'll shoot your eye out, kid!"

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