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October 12, 2012



The frozen faithful.

'Life extension' = expensive storage of your cold dead head.

carbon based lifeform

The couples photos made me laugh. (Though to be picky I don't think the wetsuits count.)



It’s an odd phenomenon. I’ve done it myself, just once. Years ago, the Other Half and I moseyed into town and after half an hour or so we spotted our reflection in a shop window. We were dressed almost identically, head to toe. We looked like we were searching out people to convert, like walking bookends. The worrying thing was that until that point we hadn’t noticed.


Someone is waging total war on the World of Warcraft.

I blame South Park.


Thanks for the link to my putty eats magnets video!

Simen Thoresen

The paintings I like. Being nearsighted, I can appreciate her style.


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