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October 05, 2012


Wm T Sherman

That underwater bullet would have traveled further if it weren't a hollow-point. It turned into a pancake, i.e. performed as designed.


"These things are wrong. "

It's like a horror show just for OCD sufferers!



“It’s like a horror show just for OCD sufferers!”

I’d imagine the bad tiling is the one that’s easiest to relate to as a maddening thing. But for some reason the dish rack bothered me a little. And the chomped Kit-Kat, which is clearly… well, wrong.

Wm T Sherman,

Noted for future reference. I’m sending you application papers for the Guild of Evil.


Jill Greenberg’s Horses.

"The photographs reflect the majesty and power of these beasts, in addition to their undeniable sexuality."


Here's one. Brian Cox pronounces the brand names of scotch.



“…in addition to their undeniable sexuality.”

I’m assuming – hoping? – she means the sexuality of horses with regard to other horses, though I could be wrong.


My contribution to the feast... Bollywood 'Jaws':



Bollywood 'Jaws'

They're going to need a bigger budget.


"These things are wrong"

One of the tiled floors makes a reasonable optical illusion if one keeps the scroll-up (or down) key pressed down

More wrongness

sackcloth and ashes

'That underwater bullet would have traveled further if it weren't a hollow-point. It turned into a pancake, i.e. performed as designed'.

And on that note:-

David Jones [Patrick McGoohan]: Where were you stationed, Captain, before you were picked up in transit?
Capt. Leslie Anders [Jim Brown]: Asia.
David Jones: Ah, then you haven't been on the ice before either?
Capt. Leslie Anders: No, Sir. A bullet goes just as fast up here as it does down there.
David Jones: Not quite. An insignificant difference, perhaps, but I think you'll find the operational characteristics of the M-16 indicate that a bullet will decelerate as much as 40 feet per second per second faster in these climate conditions. It's denser air, you know.

Jones walks away with a smug smile. Anders glowers.


How to steal the space shuttle.


Can I have application papers for the Guild of Evil?


"More than half the people I asked, who thought the president could have done better, said 'it wasn't fair' that President Obama was not allowed to use his teleprompter in the debate."

Students, eh?




Couldn't find Tuesday Ephemera. Anyway I bring you Obama vs Romney Cheetos Portraits. To the tune of "Here we go here we go here we go"

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