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October 21, 2012



You should do more interviews.

Simen Thoresen

This ought to go into the archives in some way....

So - random art-students using clip-art they don't understand to make a neat graphic, or a few too many people who don't see why it's the principle of the just and egalitarian society following the dictatorship of the proletariat that is wrong?



' Ralph Hexter and Daniel Selden dismissed “transparent prose” as merely “the approved mode of expression for the society and values of the newly empowered middle class.” '
Or put another, more transparent, way:" Bullshit baffles Brains."



I glanced at it briefly yesterday and assumed it was a joke. It’s for real?


Europe4All seem to parrot the usual leftist boilerplate:


It’s for real?

At least they're admitting communism is a religion.

Simen Thoresen

It’s for real?

As a child of the age of relativism, I can't really answer that. I assume Daniel Hannan to be real, and I'll accept that he believes this is real. I would trust his faculties, so I'll have to assume that Europe4All also is 'real', although it now gets somewhat remote. Believing them to be real (they have a web-page and all), I guess the question of reality boils down to asking if these guys (if they themselves actually are real) believe in what they have done, to a degree sufficient to apply for EU funds to keep doing so.

Having deconstructed this question to this level, I believe I can answer it with a yes - yes, I believe these guys were paid EU tax-money to create this poster.



In which case, you’d better prepare the weapon.


Nothing reveals the true beliefs of progressive elites more than how they conduct their personal affairs.

A progressive who lives in a 3500 sq ft estate-style home while sermonizing on the importance of equality and redistribution is dishonest at a fundamental level.

sackcloth and ashes

'This ought to go into the archives in some way...'

When I saw this two thoughts crossed my mind.

The most charitable one is that some unlucky intern (presumably from somewhere West of the old Iron Curtain) had to find a symbol representing atheism to go alongside all the religious ones, and thought that the hammer and sickle would work.

The least charitable one is that every one involved in the production of the poster is an utter cunt.

sackcloth and ashes

'Ken Loach is selfless, heroic and countercultural. And so the state should force you to give him money'.

The films of Loach.

Made by a hack.
Praised by Guardian writers.
Watched by next to no one.

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