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January 04, 2013



And remember this? It’s been upgraded.

It's hilarious and aggravating. I like that in a machine.

Re the Freshette... Uneven terrain?


Uneven terrain?

It allows ladies to pee while rock-climbing. Or tightrope-walking. And also, more seriously, during Antarctic expeditions.


"“The Freshette protects against unsanitary restrooms, uneven terrain, wind, rain and snow.”"

And also 'wobbly positions when boating'! I'm filled with admiration!


I'm also not surprised the robot dragonfly has sold out, either.

"Designed for aerial photography, advanced gaming, R&D and security."

Where do you get the lasers fitted?

Dr. Westerhaus

I never realised a Freshette (or by implication all penises) could also be called a 'Urinary Director'. What a title. Folks can start booking meetings with mine from now on then...


@Dr. Westerhaus - Aren't there laws against that sort of thing?


William Shatner tweets space station, gets reply.

Life imitates art. Everyone imitates Shatner.

Runcie Balspune

Catzilla versus Kitten Kong


Also… a series of events that, so far as I can see, is impossible to parody.


> It’s been upgraded.

No-one tell Paul Krugman that the ultimate Keynesian wealth creation tool has just been invented.

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