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February 15, 2013


Matthew Walker

Those Rockets did a killer version of Canned Heat's On the Road Again.


“Is this [asteroid] an effect of global warming?”



And the abandoned hotel has Guild of Evil written all over it.


And the abandoned hotel has Guild of Evil written all over it.

It’s a handsome property. Of course the tourists would have to be… dealt with.


Those glass animals are astonishing!



In other meteor news


Alex Massie on Laurie Penny.

It’s rather like the Owen Jones piece that appeared a few days ago, only more hyperbolical and self-dramatizing. Democracy, it seems, means Laurie getting whatever Laurie wants - she being the measure of all that is good. Not getting her way is apparently a “betrayal,” proof that “the game is rigged” and presumably a basis for more radical measures. (In Laurie’s imagination, the protestors’ preferences weren’t in fact discussed and disagreed with by quite a lot of people; they were, she says, “ignored”.) There’s no pause to reflect on the contrary arguments, as made by Norm Geras and many others, no pause to question whether Laurie and her comrades should have changed events in the way she prefers – i.e., by shouting and waving placards – or what the cost of their prevailing might have been for others, or for the democratic system she dismisses out of hand. Instead, behind the euphemism of “making sure we are listened to,” which is to say obeyed, there’s just a will to power.

It’s a pattern we’ve seen before.

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