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February 22, 2013


Matthew Walker

That's a cool tent, but not for $1420. I got a perfectly serviceable mosquito-net camping hammock on Amazon for forty bucks, and it's served me well. But I live in Maine, and we're all dirty poor frugal bastards.


Small sandy frog makes big high noise.

I'll take a dozen.


A dozen squeaky frogs, a couple of sea pigs and a bag of chocolate bees, please.


Damn, that 'one job' site is addictive. And scary.


Aww. Been through them all now. :(


Damn, that ‘one job’ site is addictive. And scary.

Yes, the drawer configuration is a work of fearsome genius. And the inverted toilet seat is quite special too.


Okay, my vote for funniest of the 'one job' photos is the one concerning the critique of Phil Tippett for his management of the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park.


It’s amazing how much defective signage there is out there. Years ago, I walked past a rather grim-looking takeaway in Nottingham. It had a neon sign that flashed words in sequence and presumably should have read “Hot. And. Cold. Food.” However, due to an unfortunate malfunction, the sign was actually repeating the phrase “Hot Food. Cold.”

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