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February 01, 2013



Of course, the scotties would spin in the opposite direction in the southern hemisphere...


Hitler’s toilet found at last.

I bet you've waited a long time to type those words.


Hey, it’s Elvis and Priscilla relaxing at home.

Looks like an ordinary night in to me. Though in our house my dear wife is the one with the staff.


I bet you’ve waited a long time to type those words.

It did rather jump out as worthy of inclusion.


And The Lovers present La Degustation.

Very dirty. And funny.


The pin-wheeling scotties are adorable. I wonder if they'd rotate anticlockwise in the Southern hemisphere.


And, on another matter, I wonder if those scotties would pinwheel anticlockwise ... etc etc

(Blushes with embarrassment, runs out of the room)

Rich Rostrom

One thing about the Hitler's Toilet article. "The knobs on the faucet bear text written in Blackletter — the famous and classically German family of typefaces that Hitler adored."

In fact, while German nationalists generally advocated Fraktur (Blackletter), and the Nazis promoted it for a while, Hitler disliked Fraktur, and in 1941, it was banned.


And The Lovers present La Degustation.

Is there an album?


Is there an album?





AC1, Saw such WWII remnants while visiting Italy years back. Kind of creepy sitting in a pill box, occupying the same space as those who would have killed my father or uncles had they landed at the beach below. Found this comment (nbr 240) from that site interesting:

The architectural importance of war-time edifices are, as with beauty, in the eye of the beholder. Let those that value them, maintain them.

On a more serious note, those that inevitably chime in along the lines of 'those that fought and died so we could comment in HYS' (for instance) rather misses the point that had things turned out differently, they possibly wouldn't have been that different

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