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February 03, 2013


John D

A partial snapshot

How partial is it? I expected more tweets for some reason.


How partial is it?

The site doesn’t say which data stream(s) it’s using. It’s also a pity you can’t click for more information on particular hashtags, etc. Still, quite pretty.


About 70% of that is from my daughter and her friends.


You should twitter, David.


You should twitter, David.

Oh, I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t. Chatting in erratic half-sentences doesn’t appeal to me; I’m too much of a gasbag. As you well know.

Iowahawk, however, has mastered the art.


It's just the civilised parts of the world, isn't it? ;)

Sam Duncan

Wow. Twitter made interesting.


Interesting that there is a pretty dark hole in Europe where France is. I guess it is difficult to say anything in French, in less than 140 characters...

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