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April 19, 2013



I could watch that SmartInversion thing for hours!


Crapcha is fake Captcha.

Very funny (even though it's not always easy to tell them apart). Now where's the lemon symbol on my keyboard...?


Make way for the 2-tonne robot hexapod.

I've always wanted a vehicle with a 'thoracic cockpit' but I'll never find a space big enough in the Sainsbury's car park.


I’ve always wanted a vehicle with a ‘thoracic cockpit’ but I’ll never find a space big enough in the Sainsbury’s car park.

Clearly, what’s needed is some kind of heat ray attachment to melt inferior vehicles.

Failing that, try Waitrose.

carbon based lifeform

“Accomplish wonders.”

That actually looks pretty good.

Crapcha is fake Captcha.

My keyboard doesn't have a toaster key. Should I upgrade?

Kevin B

Re Fishtanks:

Didn't Bloody Stupid Johnson design No.10 for the Patrician's Palace in Ankh Morpork?



Sony's 4K Camera Stitching Technology Preview


That paper-creasing art ... maybe he just stamped a piece of paper.


A number of those fishtanks make me a little sad, since they're clearly not designed with the fish's comfort in mind. They ARE quite pretty, though.


Take Five, fusion style.


Doubting Rich

Much better, simpler and cheaper hand-pumped espresso maker:


This is superb, I use it every day.

Runcie Balspune

+1 Aeropress.

Col. Milquetoast

Aquariums of note. I do like #22.
I thought #20 was more Guild of Evil style. It seems like the aquarium for those who enjoy the sound of evil laughter.


That "Take Five" version isn't that innovative, I still recognise the tune.

BTW the "Crapcha" one made me laugh out loud, not bad for 8am.

Ted S., Catskill Mtns., NY, USA

Am I evil for laughing at the following story:

Talent scouts accused of seeking models at Swedish anorexia clinic


In other robotic vehicular hexapod news, some enterprising folks are working on one here in Boston. His name is Stompy.


mike fowle

That Landscapes film is absolutely stunning. Thank you.

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