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July 05, 2013


Spiny Norman

Afghanistan of Yore

The expressions on the faces of Krushchev and Bulganin saluting Afghan soldiers wearing old Wehrmacht uniforms are absolutely priceless.


“The English profanity ‘shitstorm’ is widely used by Germans.” // Cleaning out the hippo enclosure of Milwaukee County Zoo.

I see what you did there.


"Yes, it's unconventional. But you may reasonably wonder why it's normal for people to consume milk intended by nature to feed baby cows, yet enjoying milk intended for human beings [breast milk] should be considered disgusting and wrong… Leaving aside the yuck factor, it is of course impractical (and morally unacceptable) to milk women in the same way that cows are milked commercially: human milk as such will only ever be a niche product."




I think that one should have its own post.


Promotion! ;-D


Re: Japanese Commercials...at 4:00 mark ... Tommy Lee Jones speaking a couple of words of Japanese (and with laser eyes). Ha.

Kevin B

Viva Las Vegas

Weird Andy, truly weird.


LOVE the Potoo bird.


Spiny Norman

From what I've seen, di, it's already an internet meme. At first, I thought is was a photoshop or a "bad taxidermy" gag.

Ted S., Catskill Mtns., NY, USA

Trainers repel water, shirt repels gravy.

Alec Guinness could tell you the stuff isn't stable. :-)


Ted S.,
Yet another example of economic ignorance. One thing I find interesting is there are people who simultaneously hold the idea that efficiency will lead to economic disaster and the Malthusian fallacies. And a great number of them are university professors.


If you can motorise it and install flame-throwers, I’ll take six.



ThompsonCorp(TM) Space division.

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