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November 08, 2013



"You have too many sisters."

I'm so loving BatDad.

Simen Thoresen

....and 'Meat', the movie.

There should be a musical as well, I think.



Here in France I have actually bought wine in a can. It is sold in some chandleries, for sailors who don't want to have to deal with glass bottles on a boat. Not too bad. But I think that it has been overtaken by the bag-in-box wines.

R. Sherman

Artists for Fascist takeover.

Presumably we’re supposed to find him amusing. Well, I suppose it’s almost funny to be told “we have too many 40-year-old teenagers who can’t take responsibility” by a middle-aged clown-cum-delinquent who says his rulings would be arbitrary and who’s sort-of famous for making ugly vases and wearing a dress. But mostly for wearing a dress.


I'm not sure I can find casual misandry, an advertising mutaween and iranian style restrictions on who can stand at elections amusing..

and that's just the first few paragraphs!

Charles Brawnyson

This is a very interesting post. I'm not quite sure how it ties in to blind bolts though. It must be all avant garde and stuff.

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