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December 22, 2013



Someone was bound to have a Sainsbury's meat isle fetish.


He should have claimed it was art.


He should have claimed it was art.

It’s only art if you use a wig. Those are the rules, I believe.


Amazing. Some twit of a woman pulls wool out of her tootsie and knits with it - she gets an arts grant. Some guy gives a whole, subtle, radical and transgressive new meaning to 'meat aisle', and he gets the boot.

I blame sexism.

Ed Snack

I heard that they were going to prosecute, but he got off.


Sainsbury's encourages its customers to "Try Something New Today," and then gets aggrieved when one of them does. Frankly, it's the company's fault for not being more specific.

Dave M

At least he was in the appropriate aisle.

Rebuttals by Martin Bashir


Perhaps it was because he was in the appropriate aisle?


after he was caught, the meat he was holding was pulled off him and he was tossed into the street.

Dave M

Sorry to steal your thunder Mahlerman, hate it when that happens to me.

Rebuttals by Martin Bashir


You can whip our cream, but you can't beat our meat.

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