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July 09, 2015





I did once get slightly miffed when the phone rang halfway through a game of Dots.

Steve 2 - Stevement Day

Is it still OK to drug your children so they don't run around screaming during a long transatlantic flight?

Asking for a friend.


Is it still OK to drug your children so they don’t run around screaming during a long transatlantic flight?

It’s that or beating them quite hard, which might disturb other passengers.


Thoughtful fellow. Didn't want her to be bored.

Crazed Weevil

Damn...why didn't I think of that?


(now ex) girlfriend

That's a relief.


That’s a relief.

I think it’s safe to say that when you’re drugging the other half to keep them from grumbling about your all-night gaming benders, the relationship is probably past its best.


Maybe Bill Cosby can use the same argument in defense of his drugging women. (snark)


Be a man and dump her, don't drug her.


Should've gone right to the dart gun.


Should've gone right to the dart gun.

She should have, yes, but he got the knockout drops into her tea first.


Somewhere on the interwebs is a picture of someone who'd just gotten a copy of The Latest Military Video Game---whatever that title was. He's in the store, he takes up most of the picture, he's wearing a military uniform that's mostly khaki/camo, he has a very round face which rather matches the other ~300something pounds/21something stone of him that are rather overflowing his stylized uniform, and he's looks absolutely extremely smug as he's holding in his right hand the video game box and title that are very clearly being displayed for the camera.

For some reason, and I certainly just can not possible have any idea of the inspiration, that picture came to mind when reading the above story . . . . .

Steve 2 - Stevement Day

David - that's the thing about children these days. They act all tough, what with their Legos and their Sunny D and their Peppa Pigs. But they can't take a flying roundhouse kick.

Not like when I was a boy. We had to contend with mothers whose primary parenting tool was something called the "hundred hand slap".

Not to mention being randomly accosted on the street by pompadoured glam rock musicians dispensing unsolicited road safety tips while demanding to know if we were out of our tiny minds.

kevin Riches

Steve 2 : That'll be the iron hand in the the velvet glove then..

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