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June 05, 2016



Do they mean for an afternoon or a couple of weeks at a time?



You can if the child is a gorilla. Or were you being human-normative?

Lord Bob

Alan: Of course, some might say that in today's modern, antisocial world, actually a gorilla is better qualified to raise a child than a narcissist like, not naming any names, my wife. But that clearly was not the opinion of the judge and I have been advised not to comment any further. British justice, huh, now there's... some... monkey business.

R. Sherman

Two words: "Lord Greystoke."

I rest my case.




Betteridge’s Law of Headlines

Heh. See also this.

And this.

And this.

And this.

And this.



Via Darleen and thematically related.

Spiny Norman

I was unaware of Betteridge's Law of Headlines until today, but whenever I encountered a news headline written as a question, I always answered in my mind "No, but you're going to feed me a load of spurious bullshit claiming it's true."

Chester Draws

You can if the child is a gorilla.

I doubt it, if the gorilla is not the parent. Most wild animals have little to no regard for non-offspring.

According to Wikipedia at least, infanticide is common in gorillas.

Watcher in the dark

Can you ever trust a journalist with a headline?

A far more relevant question, surely.


I think R Sherman has won this thread...


R. Sherman

Hat doffed sir, hat doffed.

Tim Newman

What if the gorilla self-identifies as a human?

David Taylor

I was going to ask 'what if the child's parent says the child identifies as a gorilla?' but Chester's comment shows what might happen then.


I am never going to wear my gorilla costume to the Cincinnati Zoo....Too Dangerous!


The problem here is clearly that Social Services had not checked the Gorilla enclosure first and interviewed the Gorilla in accordance with best practice. they had also failed to ensure the Gorilla was CRB checked.

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