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October 04, 2016


Rev. Spooner

Will there be a a test?


Is it wrong to laugh? :-)


Will there be a test?

Anyone scoring less than 80% will be banished to the outer darkness.


And no Googling.

So what's 'bukkake'?


So what’s ‘bukkake’?

Oh Joan, you dear sweet thing.


Are Oreo and coconut now okay?


"Bint. Medium language, potentially unacceptable pre-watershed. Seen as potentially derogatory by women, but men also find the word problematic."

Which men are these?


Amused by the characterisation of "choc ice" as "derogatory to black people". Because when you criticise a black person for being "white on the inside", it's not derogatory to white people in the slightest.

Pleased to see my old favourite "problematic" making a few appearances. Another word that essentially means, "we know we should have something against this word/argument/practice/book/whatever, but we can't really articulate it without betraying our utter fatuousness, so we'll just slap the vaguest word we can find on it."


Which men are these?

Heh. It’s one of my favourites. And it’s a strange idea, to me at least - this belief that if you refer to a particularly foolish or trashy woman as a bint, you’re therefore somehow dismissing all women, everywhere, as equally foolish and trashy. But like wankers and bellends, bints are generally conceived as a subset, not the whole of womankind. As such, they do exist.

John D

I'm writing some of these down.

R. Sherman

For your homework, copy each word five times, then use it in a sentence.


'Window licker'.


Word for the day: clunge.



Something tells me the online Urban Dictionary is getting some traffic today.


Look on Tim W's site for a (safe) illustration of bukkake. Do not search the interweb!

Feather spitter.


It’s interesting how the same word – in this case, clunge - can have several, quite different meanings. At least according to the aforementioned Urban Dictionary. Setting aside the, um, anatomical specifics, it’s also, apparently, a very positive adjective – as in, “That was so clunge.” And as a verb, it can “express the actions of a female who ruins something ‘laddish’ by getting involved when not wanted.” As in, “Julie came round and clunged all over our FIFA tournament.”


Am I a bad person?

I didn't have to look any of them up!

Is going to be required reading in schools now?


What is "pre-watershed"?


Watershed. It’s the point from which programming unsuitable for children can be shown, usually 9pm.

Farnsworth M Muldoon

Which men are these?


Actually, it is a great list that has enhanced my vocabulary of derogatory terms that will not be understood in my neck of the woods, but if the intent of this list is to steer producers away from using these words and gestures on shows, it should be noted that not a single episode of Top Gear would have ever had been aired.



R. Sherman

Bukkake is a style of sushi preparation indigenous to the island of Chichi Jima in the Bonin Archipeligo. Blue fin tuna with a sauce made from a reduction of oils derived from Patagonian Toothfish (a/k/a "Chilean Sea Bass") livers.

Unless it isn't.


I'm glad that 'Old Bag' is not considered too offensive. I cheerfully identified as such during a recent visit to the lovely town of Aveiro, Portugal. Why deny it? It either got me free admission, or a vastly reduced ticket price. The Portuguese have a charming approach to this: one look, then "Are you over 65?" -- and your word is taken, with no demand to produce confirmatory ID. (More than once, a supermarket in UK has demanded ID when I purchased wine, despite visibly being an 'Old Bag'. How embarrassing is that!)

On reflection, did I perhaps miss a SJW opportunity by not throwing hissy fits in Aveiro about 'ageism'?

R. Sherman

Lisboeta, getting old ain't bad, man. Getting old, that's earned.


Since our host mentioned that he came across this via Worstall, I'll go ahead and add that the best part of Worstall's post is the comments section. Some closed-minded ignoramus kept insisting that it was obvious that all those terms are eeevil, and that anyone who didn't know otherwise was subhuman.
I don't think he was trolling, but I've never been good at being able to tell.

Farnsworth M. Muldoon

Bukkake is a style of sushi preparation...

No, it is an obscure form of Japanese martial arts popularized by the Viet Cong particularly in the dense jungle near the village of Kamun Chin in Ben Wah province. The jungle man, it was always hot and moist there, and all night the big guns throbbing, shooting off into the bush to beat off Charlie...

You weren't there man...


Because when you criticise a black person for being "white on the inside", it's not derogatory to white people in the slightest.

Well, I happen to be white, and I don't view it as derogatory to white people at all. And given the context, why should I? Telling a black man that he is acting white or that he is white on the inside is to "criticize" him for holding down a job, for valuing an education, for being articulate, for acting responsibly toward his family and his offspring. These aren't criticisms in my book, and a lot of what has gone wrong with black America can be traced to the fact that they are viewed as criticisms by black people. It strikes me that much of the argument about white privilege is an inchoate expression of rage caused by what is effectively an inferiority complex.

If the worst thing about being called a coconut is that the thus-identified individual might actually be able to lead a successful life, it ain't too bad. Being called a radish (red on the outside, white on the inside), on the other hand, could have rather deleterious consequences in what used to be the USSR, or so my Russian friends tell me.

R. Sherman

You weren't there, man...

Well, I was there on the line in Kolwezi in '78 with the 2nd REP listening to the bloodcurdling war cries of the Katanganese rebels: "BOOOOOOO-Ka-KEEEEE!!!" (The Belgians had run off somwhere. There's a country that's been more trouble than it's worth over the years.)

I can barely speak of it these days.


'Which men are these?'

Pussies - mentally castrated millenials


the 2nd REP

Would that be the Deuxième Régiment Etranger de Parachutistes? If so, chapeau. I've always had some admiration for these guys, ever since I almost joined them as a lieutenant in engineering school. Wound up at the 1st RICA instead (Premier Régiment d'Infanterie de Corps d'Armée).

Lionel Ebb

'Which men are these?'

At least we know the next President of the USA won't fall into that category of pussy-whipped liberal bed-wetter: http://bit.ly/2dhs4NP Although whether that's a good thing or not is anyone's guess...

Fred the Fourth

Lisboeta: from a recent conversation with my father-in-law's hospice case manager:
"Getting old isn't for wimps!"
(Oops. I haven't looked, but odds are that "wimps" is on the forbidden words list. I'll report for re-education, right after my morning ablutions in the upstairs hot tub, the one where the henchlesbians take their breaks.)


There are at least a couple on there I wasn’t previously familiar with

I didn't know it was called an Iberian slap.

Thomas O

I'm surprised that quim isn't on the list, but since I was the only one in the cinema in Avengers Assemble to gasp when Loki called Black Widow a "mewling quim" I guess it's fallen into disuse.


The mind boggles. It really does. Mind you it was a trifle odd seeing the word 'Fenian' without it being immediately followed by the word 'Bastard' . . .


Re the religious terms: Papist, Taig, Prod are not offensive or insulting (unless used to describe someone who isn't one of them).

They are frequently used sandwiched between insulting words: fucking Papist/Taig/Prod bastard etc.

It is striking how the terms for male genitalia are seen as less offensive than those for female genitalia.

Having grown up under the Patriarchal umbrella, I am instinctively comfortable with that. I might have dared mutter in my parents' presence that someone was a bollocks, but if I had described someone as a cunt, I would have been homeless.


And what'll you have, sir?

I'll have a quaff of quim, please. Neat.


I’m surprised that quim isn’t on the list,

It’s practically a challenge to make a second list of all the ripe and salty terms missing from the first one.


And now I’m beginning to wonder what horrors I may have set in motion.

Spiny Norman

It’s practically a challenge to make a second list of all the ripe and salty terms missing from the first one.

In the comments at Tim's site, our old friend, and sometime commenter, Steve, seems to be on it already.


"So what's 'bukkake'?"

My daughter once innocently googled 'facials'...

Spiny Norman

Also from Tim's comments: I notice that it didn't take long for Clarkson to be mentioned.



I have never understood why 'cunt' should be an insult. Most of us emerge from one; and most of the male population is very interested in returning there, at least in part. And, as Courbet saw, it can be awesome and beautiful:


They omitted 'pilot of the chocolate runway'. List fails professional pub status.

Hopp Singg

"Cunning stunt" is still acceptable, though.

J.M. Heinrichs

"Bukkake" is an Afghan sport where competitors on horseback ride up and down the field, seeking to throw the headless carcass of a goat or calf across their designated goal-line. Now generally referred to as"polo".


Fred the Fourth

Theo: In case anyone needs one, I can whip up an awesome cunt-splice on a moment's notice. Very handy skill, that is.

Fred the Fourth

ThomasO: I really enjoyed that "mewling quim" bit in Avengers. Showed that Loki had a sound classical education.
Plus, as you noted, the "whooshing" sound the phrase made as it swooped over the audience's collective heads was pretty impressive.

Fred the Fourth

J.M.H.: so I googled "mongolian goat polo" and the first reference returned was the answer to my question:
There are, apparently, a truly astonishing number of utube videos.

Phil B

Gentlemen (I'll leave the ladies out of this for the moment),

I am shocked, astonished and bemusedly bewildered at the lack of vocabulary of the rich and descriptive English language and the sheer poetry of the creative insult.

Hie thee to Amazon and look up Rogers Profanisaurus here:


and read the first thirty odd pages.
It started off as a thirty page list given away with Viz comic and liek the national debt it just grew and grew until it is now 632 meaty pages big.

Well worth it for the enrichment of the insults and colloquial terms.

Trigger Warning - not for those of a nervous disposition and/or eating or drinking at the same time as reading it ...


A cunning linguist could easily drive home their point while avoiding any words on that list falling out of their mouth.

Should anyone know such a person please provide him my contact information.

Tell Sackett

So you can still say what you like about Poms. Why am I not surprised?

Fred the Fourth

Samples from the section on Race and Ethnicity, ranked from least to most offensive -

Nazi: Mild (generally of little concern) [they don't list "commie" anywhere]
Hun: Mild
Kraut: Medium
Jap: Strong
Wop: Strong
Wog: Strongest (highly unacceptable)


Tell Sackett

Oh, and Limey is OK too.


Didn't see Cracker anywhere, either...

Farnsworth M. Muldoon

...listening to the bloodcurdling war cries of the Katanganese rebels: "BOOOOOOO-Ka-KEEEEE!!!" (The Belgians had run off somwhere...

Do you blame the Phlegms ? You hear that war cry and you know someone was about to be shot in the face.

Elrond Hubbard

"Didn't see cracker anywhere, either..."

...or peckerwood or red neck.

Hopp Singg

I will be a *far* better Scrabble player tomorrow than I am today for this.


'beef curtains'
I will add that to my list of favourite derogatory terms, which also include 'fart-minge', 'thunder-cunt' and 'busted vagina' (i.e. that guy drives like a busted vagina).



. . . I would like to say a few words. And here they are: Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak! Thank you."

Tim Newman
If so, chapeau.

Quite so.

Tim Newman

It’s practically a challenge to make a second list of all the ripe and salty terms missing from the first one.

That's pretty much what Roger's Profanisaurus is.

Incidentally, bukkake came about ('scuse the pun) as a way around Japanese censorship rules.


TV censorship in foreign can be amusing. I remember watching Blade 3 in the gym of a hotel in Hong Kong. Every 'shit' and 'fuck' was carefully bleeped but clearly the censor did not know what to make of "cock-juggling thundercunt" and so left it in...


‘Window licker’.

I do miss the word mong. Phonetically, I mean.


Hedgehog, I take your point, but somehow I don't think Ofcom sees it like that at all. In what I'm sure was the hilarious series of meetings in which the content of this list was thrashed out, it's hard for me to imagine that the idea crossed their mind that acting white could be something positive. I don't expect it went any further than a quick relativist cringe and the unchallenged assumption that it was, and should be, offensive to black people to be thought of in any way white.


Was it too much fun for someone to allow it to continue?

Tits McGillicuddy

Please tell me someone mirrored it


Please tell me someone mirrored it

I can email a copy of the PDF.

Tits McGillicuddy

If you wouldn't mind, m'lud?




"and no googling"




Oil of Ulay makes face cream
They created and advertised a website called DailyFacials.com
Unfortunately there was a website called DailyFacial with rather differing content.

It reminds me of all the giggling I had before Experts-Exchange added the hyphen.


When a cunning linguist is driving home his point, no words can fall out of his mouth.


Fred the Fourth:
I would go easy on the self-mutilation. Gender reassignment is best done by a qualified surgeon.




Call me.


Call me

David has my email address...


David has my email address...

Er, if anyone scores some under-the-sweater action via these threads, the house charges a 20% handling fee. As it were.

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