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August 02, 2017


John D

I busted my conk but I don't think I've got the hang of it.


I'd have to really bust my conk to use most of these. Since I don't have a gig muggin' on a doghouse, or any other excuses to be off the cob.


It's like trying to make sense of my daughter's texts.


Heh...Try this out...My high school in South Florida had its own lingo. I thought it was a SF thing until I got to college and no one else from SF was hip to it...anywayz in regard to this we would we world weary teenagers would have said:

What an eddy. Trying to owl off but it's so mallard. Now that babe over there is deese. I mean, ooosh!

Found out many years later, for folks "up coast" wally was the equivalent of an eddy.


It’s totally hatstand.

R. Sherman

Can't wait to tell the youngest son his trombone is, in reality, a "slush pump."


A trombone? Bold choice.



I grew up in So. Fla, lived there 40+ years, finally had to trilly up to central Fla. I could no longer dig the scene down south. Wonder if we know each other. ;)


Maybe. Similar sentiment/migration though I go back every Christmas or so. My sister still lives down there.

Could you decipher that? Northeast HS, 1980.


Would you two like a private booth?

Don’t worry, I’ll charge it to your accounts.



Coral Gables 1979.

[slides room key across bar]

Sonny Wayze

And here I always thought a slush pump was an automatic transmission...

Speaking of slush, what's the bartender's recommendation for one of those blender drinks?

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