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September 23, 2017



"I'm from the government and I'm here to help"

Triumphant Ape

It seems, according to WSVN-TV that people are getting ticketed.
“And we thought he was here to help us or offer some type of assistance with the trees, maybe he was going to bring us ice or something,” Perez told WSVN. Instead, the official slapped a safety notice on the only part of Perez’s fence still standing.

“I laughed,” he said. “I thought he was kidding. ‘You are kidding right? We just had a hurricane six hours ago.’ ‘No, I’m not kidding. I have to cite you for this.’ I just laughed. OK, whatever; knock yourself out!”


Spiny Norman


The nine scariest words in the English language. o_O

Spiny Norman


‘No, I’m not kidding. I have to cite you for this.’

Code enforcement officers are the very definition of petty fascist bureaucrats. Based on the (fortunately) few dealings I've had with them, I'd wager they flunked out of the police academy, and are still resentful.

Apathetic Radical

"Of course I'll blow your roof off honey."



Well, at least it took their minds off the hurricane...


All those blown erections.

Snick snick, fnar fnar....

Monty James

Good enough for government wank.


Dialer: "I need help. My house is underwater and I just barely managed to escape, but only have a t-shirt and underpants to my name."
1-800 contact: "That's sooooo sexy. What colour underpants are they? I bet they're soooo packed."

bobby b

From my experience calling government for help, you're screwed anyway, so why not get some entertainment value out of it?


So is hurricane relief a really powerful blow job?


Women are like hurricanes. When they come, they're wet and wild. When they go, they take the house.


@Sam: seems appropriate, since government screws everyone!

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