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September 02, 2017



You don’t have a fucking culture!

Lost for words.


Lost for words.

It is quite special and does, I think, illustrate some fairly common dynamics.

So, to recap: Insufficiently Woke Guy notes the irony of so much vehemently anti-white sentiment at an “anti-racist” rally and is promptly berated by Mr Neckbeard (our Ultimate Woke Champion), who denounces him as racist for noticing such things. After telling Insufficiently Woke Guy that he has no culture, on account of being white, and that his opinions are of no importance (while demanding to know what they are), Mr Neckbeard and his fellow luminous beings embrace the intellectual high ground with more shouting and profanity. “Go back to your side of the street,” say the luminous beings. And when said beings realise they’re not successfully browbeating their target with pretentious racial guilt, they revert to self-satisfied chanting: “Racist go home.”

The only racism we hear, of course, is coming from them.


You don’t have a fucking culture!

Well, if these folks didn't have double standards, would they have any standards at all?


“Go back to your side of the street,” say the luminous beings.




Heh. Quite.


I’ve been called cynical, but even now, after a decade of doing this, I’m still surprised by just how stupid supposedly clever people can be. Or more accurately, how stupid they can be made to be, with a little education.

Farnsworth M Muldoon

You may want to bite down on something.

That, and have a large tasty adult beverage at hand. Regarding Scharführer Neckbeard, the word that comes to mind is backpfeifengesicht.

Sane person: "How many Syrians have come to Canada in a boat ?"

Little Miss Raven Chest Tat Dyed Hair: "That's not documented, do you even know what undocumented means ?"

I think the first guy does, Little Miss Raven Chest Tat Dyed Hair, not so much.

The best part is that this melange of muttonheads is in Vancouver, and, as we all know, when it comes to raycissism, British Columbia in 2017 is indistinguishable from Mississippi in 1955.


Regarding Scharführer Neckbeard, the word that comes to mind is backpfeifengesicht.

And he’s so vehement and incurious. He just knows. But then the credulous ones, the ones who most eagerly internalise this horseshit, in order to conform, always do.

John D

he’s so vehement and incurious.




You see, being students, and therefore officially intellectuals, they don’t need to listen. And self-flattery is a powerful drug.

Farnsworth M Muldoon

...he’s so vehement and incurious...



Not unrelated:

"Paying the price for breakdown of the country's bourgeois culture"

(via Guido Fawkes)



Before //pol:

After //pol:


Before //pol:

After //pol:

The mystery deepens.

Ted S., Catskill Mtns., NY, USA

You don’t have a fucking culture!

So there is no rape culture after all.

Captain Nemo

Fucking hell. I'm a fairly rational person, but that made me so angry I threw my iPad across the room. Fortunately, it's undamaged, as it landed on a rather ugly but mercifully soft, sofa. What's so astonishing is that this person isn't some dumb, ignorant, back-woods hick, but an attendee an almost certainly elite university. Which if anything makes it worse. Someone who's genuinely ignorant I can pity, indeed, even understand. But to see someone wilfully and deliberately educated into ignorance, while paying for the privilege, is galling. And, no doubt, he considers himself to be intelligentsia, an intellectual. Severely educated indeed.

Captain Nemo

Also, my apologies for swearing. I'm just that angry.


to see someone wilfully and deliberately educated into ignorance, while paying for the privilege, is galling.

You could think of it as a kind of civilizational rot.

Farnsworth M Muldoon

You don’t have a fucking culture!

The truly stupid part about this whole "there is no such thing as white culture", is that these severely educated (synonym for uneducated) dickweeds think there is such a thing as "black" culture, or "indigenous" culture, or "Moslem" culture, completely ignoring the fact that west Afican and Sub-Saharan African cultures are different, just as Hopi and Inuit or Apache are different, as are Arab and Indonesian, and so on for all the People of Color (but not colored people).

Richard Wattis

There's quite a lot of Michael Moore in that physiognomy. The tone is the "because mommy says so" mode of feminists tired of enacting the emotional labor of explaining to white dudes that hating men isn't sexist because structural oppression.

The Douglas Murray interview posted here a few weeks ago is relevant to this line of thinking...

Something deeper is going on in Europe of which Islam and terrorism are really just symptoms. It could have been anything in a way, anything that was assertive and believed in itself. There's a set of what I think of as thought diseases - guilt being one, existential tiredness being another. It's in part this feeling that we've run out, that the story's run out, that a change is as good as a rest.

What was it about ourselves in Europe that we decided Europe is a really boring uncultured place that hasn't done enough or thought enough or created enough, and what we really need is an injection of people from around the world to bring us their brilliant culture. What is it about us that makes us think that the culture that produced the Renaissance and the Reformation and the heights of what we regard as civilisation actually had a hole in its heart that needed filling. You never hear this about anywhere else. Nobody ever says the thing about Somalia is they really need an input of people from Wales or it's really hard to find a good chamber orchestra in Mogadishu. This goes to the masochism that we clearly indulge in; and the great risk for masochists is what happens when they meet a real sadist - it's possible that we're in the process of meeting our sadists, and that what seemed to be just a kink turns out to be fatal.

Also relevant...

The origin of these quizzes, which Pesta calls “cultural literacy markers,” was his increasing discomfort with gaps in his students’ foundational knowledge.

“They came to college without the basic rudiments of American history or Western culture and their reading level was pretty low,” Pesta told The

... What’s more, he began to observe a shift in his students’ quiz responses in the early 2000s. Before that time, Pesta described his students as “often historically ignorant, but not politicized.” Since the early 2000s, Pesta has found that “many students come to college preprogrammed in certain ways.”

“They cannot tell you many historical facts or relate anything meaningful about historical biographies, but they are, however, stridently vocal about the corrupt nature of the Republic, about the wickedness of the founding fathers, and about the evils of free markets,” Pesta said. “Most alarmingly, they know nothing about the fraught history of Marxist ideology and communist governments over the last century, but often reductively define socialism as ‘fairness.’”

Pesta also noted that, early on, his students’ “blissful ignorance was accompanied by a basic humility about what they did not know.” But over time he said he increasingly saw “a sense of moral superiority in not knowing anything about our ‘racist and sexist’ history and our ‘biased’ institutions.”

Robert of Ottawa

Sorry, can't bring myself to watch the whole of the longer piece. Awful.


Right, I’m off to a birthday gathering. Play nicely. Use coasters.


"how stupid they can be made to be, with a little education"

Taleb's 'Intellectual Yet Idiot' concept seems to merge Dunning Kruger with politics as a sort of weaponized imbecility or cultivated inanity.

R. Sherman

If we figure Mr. Neckbeard did not come his conclusions on his own, but was rather taught that he has no "culture," the question becomes why he was so incurious early on in the process to go along with it. To be charitable, he's right in that there is no over-arching "white" culture, but if that's true as he smugly asserts, then what's he protesting?


Nemo, does your sofa look like this?

Captain Nemo

Heh. No, nothing quite so bad, I'm pleased to remark. It's a dull, standard floral-patterned fabric sofa that's about 10 years old, give or take a year or two. It's ugly but comfortable. What more can I say?

marc in calgary

Nemo... MY culture, includes a white leather couch not so soft soft as to preserve a flung iPad but still quite nice for evenings in, and for the most part surrounded by mid 60's - 70's teak of scattered origins, some of it even matches! The culture of my children's youth, included a trampoline that averaged about 10 hours use per day in the summer, with a water sprinkler under it to cool the kids down in the summer heat.

and THAT... That is my culture. My white leather couch, firm enough, with a stance you might say.


Whose culture is western civ then? If it isn't mine?

Daniel Ream

does, I think, illustrate some fairly common dynamics

Well, yes, albeit not the ones you think.

Canada has never had a history of institutional slavery based on race; we were the endpoint of the underground railroad, and what institutionalized slavery there was in Canada was practiced by the native tribes before the British put a stop to it. Official multiculturalism has been government policy since the 1960s.

Canada does have something of a sordid history of trying to educate the natives out of their savagery in a "white man's burden" sort of way, but that's a completely different issue and one that's been addressed ad nauseum over the last two decades.

What Canada does have, and what does define Canada's culture, is a kind of national inferiority complex when it comes to the US. Like an annoying little brother who tags along everywhere, we want to do all the same things our older and more capable sibling does, but just different enough that we can claim that's not what we're doing.

I watch this video and I don't have the "fling the iPad across the room in disgust" reaction; I have the "you're protesting stuff that doesn't happen here, and demanding a solution that already exists, because you're trying so hard to be just like those cool kids in the US" eye roll.


We’re fucking white. We don’t have a goddamn fucking culture!

Having given this some thought, I believe the gent has a point. White people don't have a culture per se, what we have is better: Western Civilisation.

Spiny Norman


...a sort of weaponized imbecility or cultivated inanity.

All protected by a impenetrable wall of invincible ignorance.


You don’t have a fucking culture! ... We're fucking white! We don't have a goddam fucking culture!"

Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, St Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, Smith, Hume, Kant, Hegel, Marx, Sartre, Frege, Schopenhauer, Russell, Wittgenstein ... Fra Angelico, Donatello, Raphael, Bellini, Durer, Goya, El Greco, Velazquez, Rembrandt, Turner, Picasso, Braques, Nolan, ... Aristophanes, Shakespeare, Goethe, Cervantes, Lorca, Molliere, Shelley, Keats, Byron, Hughes, Plath, Harrison, Austen, Bronte, Dickens, Hugo, Zola ...

It wasn't necessary to make that point, I know. And, probably, I spelt a few of the names wrong, but, please, "We're fucking white! We don't have a goddam fucking culture!".

What an oaf.


Nothing that you will learn in the course of your studies will be of the slightest possible use to you in after life, save only this, that if you work hard and intelligently you should be able to detect when a man is talking rot, and that, in my view, is the main, if not the sole, purpose of education.

John Alexander Smith, Speech to Oxford University students, 1914

Smith's test is one that Neckbeard the Barbarian fails miserably.


You don’t have a fucking culture! ... We're fucking white! We don't have a goddam fucking culture!

Whites have a civilisation, rather than a culture.

Douglas Reed

It is sad to see young adults behaving like children. Chanting a slogan does not mean that you understand it. In fact, it demonstrates that you know and understand very little. If you are so unconvincing in your speech and reasoning that you must drown out your opponent by squalling like a brat, your education was a complete waste of money and time. But then, our House of Commons has the same problem as does our Prime Minister.


"You may want to bite down on something."

*tastes hot, coppery, salty fluid* Mmmm. That's better.

Sella Turcica

Everybody has a culture.

Even bacteria?

Especially bacteria.


You may want to bite down on something.

Both shoes now ruined.

Deplorable Dan

Yutes like that DO have a culture, they are just too stupid to recognize it. Being a west coaster, these specimens are everywhere. He's part of the encompassing dope culture in BC, whose lives surround the worship of bud, joints, and getting stoned. It explains the rampant stupidity, endemic to all pot smokers


Deplorable Dan,

"It explains the rampant stupidity, endemic to all pot smokers"

Were you stoned when you wrote that?

And can we all please avoid any confusion by including adopted ranks in responses? Many thanks.


And can we all please avoid any confusion by including adopted ranks in responses?

Must we all get stoned before posting on this thread?


Everybody must get stoned!

Farnsworth M. Muldoon

And can we all please avoid any confusion by including adopted ranks in responses?

Are adopted ranks like pronouns ? Admiral General is taken, so I want to be a Vice Colonel.


Vancouver is a shithole with nice scenery. Perhaps only Sweden has more sheeplike, low-information shitlibs.


Vice, Rear - there's not much difference. I do actually have my own boat, but would be stretching the point to call myself 'Captain'.

As to getting stoned, thank heavens for the food exemption in the Psychoactive Substances Act 2016, or them pickled eggs would have to go.


There is a difference between being a profoundly *uncultured* individual and belonging to an ethnicity somehow bereft of one.

There's a reason that the Russian "nekulturny" is considered insulting...


any chance to doxx this poor damaged soul, so they don't harm a future place of employment?
red flag their I.D., so they can't harm others?


He doesn't even know you should never never never button all the buttons.


I laughed at the poor simp. Just as well I wasn't there, or I might have pointed,too.


We don’t have a goddamn fucking culture!

Well, the fellow with the bathtub ring on his face is quite correct in two ways.

One, hipsters aren't the counterculture, they're the lackingculture.

Two, the distinct impression one gets is that after all, who'd wanna goddamn sleep with him??


You don’t have a fucking culture! ... We're fucking white! We don't have a goddam fucking culture!"

Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, St Augustine, Thomas Aquinas . . .

Clive James.

Full stop.

Cultural Amnesia

Oh, and circling back around, he did also descend into doing a bit of poetry translation, but the wandering does rise to being a bit more beatific after a few pages . . .

Vince N

Kant, Hegel, Marx

Add Gramsci and Marcuse and you have the explanation as to why there are so many people going around professing that we "don't have a culture".

robert quinn

Guys (and ladies), I'm shilling for two books I've written--'Touch Wood' and 'Touch Down'--that would leave these comic dits sputtering in fury and indignation. They're obscene, vulgar, violent, funny, ridiculous, plotless, and implausible. The hero is called Mitch Milligan, and he sports a mean streak along with a 15' dick. I tried to write a book that would eventually be banned. If you've got some extra shekels and feel like reading simple prose fiction that would infuriate a leftist, give it a shot. If it ever is banned (I keep sending ocpies to various HRCs),it'll become a prized collector's item.

That's it for the self-promotion. Hail victory!

Brock Barrack (sobriquet)


From the subsequent Twitter thread:


From the subsequent Twitter thread

*Triggering intensifies*


*Triggering intensifies*

It seems to me this is close to the nub of it.

The fact that being “woke” so often entails double standards, contradictions, factual and logical errors, along with rationalised spite and outright dishonesty, may explain the vehemence of the Mao-lings’ assertions, and the hostility towards anything or anyone who, however politely, reveals those contradictions. Such things will presumably be felt as a threat to a Mao-ling’s ego, and to any theatre of righteousness. Few people enjoy being exposed as a fraud. And the greater the pretence, the more that’s staked on it - the more the pretence is a person’s status and identity - the more likely it is that any challenge to it, however factual or civil, will be met with irrational rage.

Bad faith tends to result in prickliness.


In other news, we must flee. The poets are coming.


And somewhat related to the topic of this thread.

Being woke is evidently a competitive business.

Captain Nemo

Related. https://mobile.twitter.com/MunroeBergdorf/status/904029223601496064 It must be so hard being that woke all the time.


It must be so hard being that woke all the time.

The dogmatic, regurgitated word salad is quite a thing. As a reflection of this person’s mind and its processes, it doesn’t bode well. And when I heard the line, “how people are conditioned to believe certain things,” I felt a wave of irony wash over me.


"I fucking hate white people and can't wait for y'all to die out.

She might actually believe this will happen in her lifetime, thanks to the sorry state of modern academia.

And it's tragic, really, to be so perpetually angry. But this is how the enemy trains its young.

Spiny Norman

But this is how the enemy trains its young.

The only real difference between these "woke" humanities students and Middle Eastern Moslem yoots is that the humanities students aren't blowing themselves up.

Spiny Norman

And when I heard the line, “how people are conditioned to believe certain things,” I felt a wave of irony wash over me.

The same wave of irony was felt as "microagressions" that the "woke" blamed on whiteys who happened to be nearby.


The poets are coming.


'k, fine.

Roses like lips
Violets like sky
Your poem sucks
Piss off and die.

Oh, and a couple of classics . . .

The Sky
The sky is blue,
the grass is green,
get off your butt
and join the Marines.

Elegy for Sir Francis Hinsley
They told me, Francis Hinsley,
they told me you were hung
With red protruding eye-balls
and black protruding tongue;
I wept as I remembered
how often you and I
Had laughed about Los Angeles
and now ’tis here you’ll lie;
Here pickled in formaldehyde
and painted like a whore,
Shrimp-pink incorruptible,
not lost nor gone before.


Remember, children: identity politics causes brain shrinkage.


Related "In Defense of Amy Wax’s Defense of Bourgeois Values"

Spiny Norman


The Mao-lings are triggered and both the administration and faculty jump. Gotta keep those government-guaranteed funds flowing, principles be damned.

Everyone knows who run Bartertown.

R. Sherman

Darleen's link is nicely written and spot-on, of course, but I would point to the recent influx of civilian aid to Houston, Texas as defense of "bourgeois values."


I would point to the recent influx of civilian aid to Houston, Texas as defense of "bourgeois values."

many times, THIS.

Sam Duncan

“It must be so hard being that woke all the time.”

I love this little exchange from that thread:

“...white people have never been systematically targeted by people of colour on a widespread scale”

“Except for the Barbary slave trade, but who cares, right?”

Surreptitious Evil

And the Janissaries, of course.


Being woke is evidently a competitive business.

This has been noted and explained in terms of existing economic theory:

Tl;dr: PC credentials are positional goods.


“...white people have never been systematically targeted by people of colour on a widespread scale”

“Except for the Barbary slave trade, but who cares, right?”

Oh, and there was that slight occurrence when a small, minor, hardly noticeable, touring group of Mongols visited Europe.

Quint and Jessel

Loved the cartoon of all the other ethnic groups dancing happily together if the white people were all dead. So believable! And happens so often in countries without white people!


Two thoughts come to mind.

1-he wants to get laid. By purple-hair girl.

2-Not new. Haven't you seen the white kids who wear their pants around their ankles and say 'yo' a lot? He's just verbalizing their visualizing.


To wit:

Indian in-laws fly to Florida to beat son’s ‘disobedient’ wife: cops

The family that beats disobedient wives together stays together.

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