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November 28, 2017



I'm frightened.

Lab Rat

I thought it was a Donald Trump impersonator at first. Then I went to the comments in the other thread to see who it was.

Didn't we have one of those "eternally young" type presenters here in the US? The New Year's ball drop guy? Dangit - the name escapes me.

And what's that in the background? A wax dummy of himself? Another presenter?


Dick Clark.


And what’s that in the background?

I think you'll have to watch the clip linked below the image.


I believe that screencap can be used as a definitive example when attempting to describe the Uncanny Valley concept to non-techies.


Terrifying. :-)


Prince Harry is marrying an American, subjecting himself to U.S. taxes. He's only 5th in line for the throne, so I can see why his family doesn't care, but I'm surprised his accountant's letting him do it! 😄


when attempting to describe the Uncanny Valley

I think it’s the fact that although you can guess what’s coming, the full, um, effect is still quite… special.

Governor Squid

That's absolutely terrifying.

Still -- can't hardly wait for the new episodes!




"And what’s that in the background?"

It's Americanized Captain Slow. But I don't know if they're allowed to call him that in the new show.

Lab Rat

Thanks, y'all. I get it now!

I think it’s the fact that although you can guess what’s coming, the full, um, effect is still quite… special.

Quite the understatement, David!

Bill Peschel

That was less horrific than I anticipated, although they did confuse "American" with "Southern Californian." If they're in overalls and not speak, they'll fit right in around Chester, South Carolina.


It’s Americanized Captain Slow.

One of Captain Slow’s finer moments: “It’s going too quickly - I can’t do the maths.”

Spiny Norman

They made him look like a game show host.

(Best if read in Sigourney Weaver's voice)


At least there was no way for him to get lost while driving in that segment.


I see they've opted for the ever-popular 'Australian politician/TV News anchor' look.


Dick Clark.

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