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Comment by David on “Scenes From Woketopia”

Have we reached peak iconoclasm yet? Spite as piety.

Comment by Tony Moclair on “Piety Through Neurosis”

Here's neurosis and piety engaged in an epic cage match: https://twitter.com/addisonraeduh/statu...

Comment by Hal on “My Kingdom For A Haircut”

At this point the only way out is Chile or Venezuela, and the helicopter option looks less likely...

Comment by Uma Thurmond's Feet on “Our Betters Hold Firm”

When progressive piety meets Gorillas in the Mist. When I want the Black Experience™ I visit th...

Comment by Boatswain's Mate on “He Doesn’t Do Twirling”

SO happy to see they didn't apologize and grovel at the feet of the Twitter mob. Good on them. Ma...

Comment by David on “The Pulse Of The Nation”

also argued for abolishing age-of-consent laws, saying that doing so would liberate children from...

Comment by David on “You Can See How Much They Care”

These people need some serious medication. As noted previously, if an extraordinarily high perce...