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February 11, 2007


Cameron Reilly

I never get tired of seeing Jeff demonstrate the multi-touch interface. It's mind-boggling and yet just seems completely natural. Ewan Spence did a great interview with Jeff last year at E-Tech.

Cameron Reilly
CEO, The Podcast Network (www.thepodcastnetwork.com) &
Host of Australia's #1 podcast G'Day World (www.gdayworld.com)


That is a phenomenal leap forward in interface design. The question is, does it come with a wet-nap side pocket so that I can enjoy fried chicken while 'interfacing'?

David Thompson


I think this baby might actually justify letting go of the chicken. You could always keep the bucket nearby, though. For comfort.


You, and Jeff Han for that matter, clearly underestimate my constant and insatiable needs for greasy fried chicken. All North Americans have this need. (Don't say you were not warned about the comments feature)

David Thompson

Hm. Then might I suggest paper towels, bought in bulk? And so far the comments have maintained a relatively civilised tone. I run a classy joint here.

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