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February 18, 2007



"the Egyptian Brotherhood’s own website directs young Muslims to a website for children that celebrates jihad, racism and homicidal ‘martyrdom’, albeit with child-friendly cartoons" - I'm quite confident to allege that none of the Muslim Brotherhood's higher representatives' children are being exposed to such urges of martyrdom but rather spend their time at boarding schools in Britain, France and Switzerland.

It may also be helpful to examine the echo chamber that the Guardian, BBC and AP have assembled for much of Britain's and continental Europe's press corps. While it may be widely known that BBC anchorwomen get their daily dose of "information" solely from the pages of the Guardian (and vice versa), the inner workings of the AP still remain mysterious for much of their audience:



I am no lover of Seumas Milne's postmodernist drivel but I am far more offended by your rampant Islamophobia. If you feel that free speech is anathema maybe you should try blogging from Burma, Turkmenistan or Russia. The Guardian publishes articles from everyone and they are all open to criticism. You implication that peoples ideologies should be accepted or not by judgement of some authoritarian council of ideological correctness stinks of Stalin's rationale. You are a fool and an ignorant. Get stuffed.


"You implication that peoples ideologies should be accepted or not by judgement of some authoritarian council of ideological correctness stinks of Stalin's rationale."

You, sir, are a fool. Would you be fine with the Guardian publishing the op-eds of neo-Nazis without telling you that they were neo-Nazis?

They do not publish articles by everyone. That is the entire problem. The other problem is non-disclosure. I would be just as angry if they published an article by a Black Panther or a Grand Wizard without making a note that the author was a member of either group.

And your cry of Islamophobia to shut down rational discussion will be a failure. "Islamophobia" is an invention of the fundamentalists and their apologists in order to shut down the discussion of radical Islam (notice that most "Islamophobics" have nothing wrong with most Muslims).

That you think major media outlets should give voice to bigots and supremecists is disgusting. The media is private and is allowed to choose who it gives voice to - free spech only applies to government suppression you sadly ignorant person.

Perhaps you should take your own advice and "get stuffed".

sheik yer'mami

Excellent article, well done. Keep up the good work! If it 'offends' the Muhammedan invaders, we are doing the right thing.

'Islamophobia' is a swearword, and should be.

We would like to link to you and you might like to do vice versa.



The Arab Muslims are stuffed with petrodollars. If I were in their position, I would try to buy favorable opinion for Islamofascism by endowing universities, helping newspapers, helping reporters, and so on. And, of course, they have done some of this quite openly here in America. Would it be a big surprise to discover that they also buy media opinion sub rosa? And would it be possible that this has influenced the blatant and extreme bias of al-Guardian--especially considering this paper's traditional leftist orientation and the (post)modern evoluton of leftist anti-Americanism, anti-Semtism, and pro-Islamsm? Has anyone looked into the Guardian's finances, and its editors' and reporters'?


Allowing more, and more individuals into the west from Islamic countries is part of globalism. This is one example how culture is lost, and a new world order is brought about. Another great example is allowing 15 to 20 million poor and uneducated illegal aliens into America, destruction of marriage, white men are evil, Christian speech is hate speech, and anyting goes, as long as you feeeeeel good about.

One war, many fronts. Now, back to compassion, and understanding class!


Superb article. I especially liked the reference that much of the left is "vicariously titillated by the revolutionary intent of Islamic fundamentalism".

I've long suspected that it is this worship of power that lies behind the left's adoration.

David Thompson


Re SDM’s rather confused comments above, I feel I ought to reply to the central insinuation of “rampant Islamophobia.”

The loaded nature of the term ‘Islamophobia’ has been discussed elsewhere at this blog, along with its bizarre implication that criticism of Islam must, in all cases, be driven by some irrational prejudice or nefarious intent, rather than by rational and substantiated concerns. I’ve tried to outline some of those concerns and have provided evidence to support them. It would, I think, be more productive if critics were to address the evidence and the argument, rather than make sweeping and unverifiable assumptions as to my motives in order to stifle real discussion.

There are many schools of Islamic theology and countless degrees of religious observance. Nothing I’ve written here has suggested otherwise. The majority of a billion or so believers do not appear to be busying themselves with xenophobic aggression or fantasies of conquest. Doubtless many believers will be appalled by the actions of those who do.

A recognition of the problems outlined in this piece (and other articles here) doesn’t imply any particular disposition on my part towards any arbitrary adherent of Islam, in whatever form, or any notional community thereof. I’ve made my criticisms as specific as possible and readers are welcome to challenge any of those points and to dispute the evidence I present, But denouncing me on the basis of things I haven’t actually said and positions I don’t hold sheds no light at all.

I’ve no particular feelings about how a person chooses to commune with some hypothetical deity in private. If consenting adults wish to stick pins in their eyes to do this, I don’t particularly care. But when religion enters the public and political realm, whether in newspaper opinion pieces or demands for unilateral favours, then it becomes fair game. Calling political ambitions a religion doesn’t exempt them from scrutiny or warrant special favours

Johan W

SDM you really are a moron, did you just completely miss this from the article you presume to comments on ?:
Well, a public testing of ideas is one of the virtues of democracy, and even the most poisonous views can be countered with contrary facts and a healthy dose of ridicule. But a public testing of Islamist ideology is precisely what is missing from the left-leaning press and from the Guardian in particular.

The point being made is not that Islamist's should not get a hearing but that they should be challenged like any other ideology. And of course you completely miss the bit about how their voice is being given a much better platform than that of moderate Muslims. People who like to throw the term "Islamophobia" around are the first to talk about the "tiny minority" of extremists in the Religion of peace, but at every oprrotunity they are the ones who are most ready to collapse the distinction between moderate Muslims and Islamists - so that any critique of Islamists is labelled "Islamophobia" as if it is after all the Islamists that are the broad ass of Muslims.


Good article that clearly describes my current problem with "The Silence of the Left" - they won't support anything that would normally be a "left agenda" if it might oppose their hatred of "Amerika"

As a veteran "long-haired-hippy-lefty" type I am no longer suprised that the left refuse to deal with the problems of misogyny, gay rights, freedom of speech and democracy in countries under Sharia law - even when those same actions in any other country would cause an outrage ..

Like I say - "This time the enemy of my enemy is NOT my friend ..."

Mary Jackson

Excellent article. And this Islamophobia myth needs to be scotched once and for all.


As someone once said - "Islamophobia - the fear of being blown up on a bus or tube train".

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