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Anamorphic Street Art

Anamorphic_wenner  Anamorphic_coke

The anamorphic pavement drawings of Kurt Wenner and Julian Beever have graced the streets of Europe, the U.S. and Australia, albeit temporarily. Using hugely distorted aspect ratios, a fine eye and a sense of humour, Wenner and Beever create illusions of 3D solidity, from fastidious recreations of past masters to superheroic interventions and oversized objects in improbable places.

Anamorphic_batman  Anamorphic

For more on anamorphosis, from Holbein’s Ambassadors to humble road markings, see here and here (PDF). A BBC profile of Beevers with additional images can be found here. Kurt Wenner answers some practical questions, including how to deal with council permits, bicyles and rain, at his website.

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