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Art Envy and Balloons

On Monday Johann Hari took a mighty swipe at the Chapman brothers and their "transgressive" art. On Tuesday Jake Chapman replied, peevishly. Grandiose theory aside, it seems to me that what the Chapmans produce is essentially kitsch. It's not immediately obvious what distinguishes 'art' objects like, say, Fuck Face from things like this. There's nothing wrong with kitsch, of course. I quite like kitsch. But kitsch doesn't make me feel the way these balloons do. Which is to say, captivated and strangely elevated. And maybe that's really why Jake is so upset.

More time-lapse here.


Matt M


David Thompson

It is, I think, rather lovely. The enormous inflatable cow is a thing to behold. And strangely affirming.


I wonder if what the Taliban would make of that?

Nice new blog! Heh, are you sure you want the comments feature on?

David Thompson


"Heh, are you sure you want the comments feature on?"

Hm. I did ponder the wisdom of enabling comments. As I recall that was Matt's idea. Let's hope no-one treads anything unpleasant on the new rug.


The balloons look like they are melting when they land and are put away.

Luli Tokin

It make me feel lovely... beautiful.

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