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February 16, 2007



All I can say is that is a brilliant brilliant article...and your points need to be screamed from the mountaintops across the Western World before the tide of Islam rolls over us.....

Can we awaken our institutions of higher learning and public schools from their dhimmi slumber?? Do we have enough time???

Essentially the bottom line is that while their are nasties that follow every ideology, Islam is founded by a right nasty bastard....even for his times and place, Muhammed was a man that as his power grew, he became more brutal and corrupt..........And we wonder why we have had 1400 years of Islamic brutality?


This is great. I'm so glad you chose to tackle the recent "meme" that's spreading around that science is just a belief system! And this is by a bunch of people who are the first to cry about moral and cultural equivalence, yet cannot see that they are doing exactly that.

If I had a nickel for everytime I heard that credulity is a positive character trait, is to be admired, and shows how "open-minded" one is.........arghh.



what i can advice muslims is....they must tear out half of the Koran and throw all of its hate refereances in a Gutter hole and They shouldn’t listen to the imam. if they cant do this, then we will do that, and Muslims will be sitting on each gutter hole searching those hate referances....


Thanks, you've taken a big task and done it neatly and thoroughly. It must feel like cleaning the augean stables: first you have to remind the other side that logic isn't a bad thing. Or that you're allowed to have an opinion.
Bunting's "ideas" are particularly instructive regarding the lunacy that seems to prevail: utmost cynicism and so-called deconstruction toward the tenets of western civilization, coupled with total credulity and acceptance of some medievil mind control system.


Unfortunately the Global Warming mongers are making that "science is just a belief system" meme stick.

Notice as well, its the same people.


Bunting informs us: “We are profoundly irrational and… rationality is a social construction.” She then asks, apparently with genuine puzzlement: “Why do people think an understanding of rationality which is over 200 years old is useful now?”

Bunting is asking a rational question and expecting a rational answer, while at the same time admitting to be profoundly irrational.


The reason why people think an understanding of rationality that is over 200 years old is useful now is because it IS useful in the actual world of things and in the minds of rational people. In the minds of people like Bunting and, apparently, in the minds of Muslims, it isn't useful. Everywhere else, it is. So, who's got the psychological problem?

There is an equivalence argument to be made. It's that Leftists and Muslims are both equally retarded.

One of the most surprising thing I've learned over the past year is how shallow the impression of the Enlightenment was in Western civilization. Even people born and raised in the West can completely miss the point of the Enlightenment altogether, as Bunting has.

The West has a great tradition of empiricism that really needs to be made central to the teaching of what Islam is.


Excellent read. Every once in a while I run into the same argument about the validity (or alleged relativity) of scientific facts. Usually what happens is that mathematics and physics are confused (or rather intentionally equated) such that, "You see, 2000 years ago the best scientists of their age believed that the world was flat, that women had no bones, and that the Sun revolved around Earth." To which one should reply that, yes, those were observations on nature, medicine, and astrophysics, but as a matter of fact Greek findings on algebra remain unchanged since they have been first proved (as in scientific proof) more than 2000 years ago.

Lee Harris, in his wonderful book "Civilization and Its Enemies", coined the correct term for the ongoing process by which the world's multiple idiocies are becoming one giant, useless force[*]: fantasy ideologies, consistent and self-contained patchworks whose major intent is to ... spend time and energy. No wonder that the most virulent breeding places of such ideologies happen to be places where employment opportunities are either scarce (Arab Street), or hard work itself is declared illegal (France).

By way of that process not only are cause and correlation mixed up, but objective facts become opinion ("Islamists came through the window on 9/11? Well, that's your opinion, and you're entitled to it."), and opinion becomes fact ("We now know that Mossad was complicit in 9/11, and that most of Jesusland is also in on it.")

[* cf. Blair's Law]

David Thompson


Thanks for the feedback. Judging by the volume of web traffic, the article seems to have struck a chord. Some of you may find 'Phantom Guilt Syndrome' of interest too. Likewise 'The Perils of Moral Tourism', which addresses similar issues.


"...that women had no bones..." Heh.

sheik yer'mami

Madelain Bunting, Koran Armstrong, Ivonne Ridley and Arundati Roy resemle a mental cess-pool.
In a sane world they would be behind bars in a mental hospital.

We provide a forum for their mental flatulence's and wonder why the foul odor of their unfermented slobber bites us in the nose.

We must not ignore the global jihad and we must stop and reverse Islamic infiltration and subversion.
These ladies are not with us, they are against us. Treat them accordingly.

Lewis B. Sckolnick

Can we get over this religion thing already it is getting very boring and David I cannot believe you wrote all of that.

Lewis B. Sckolnick


"...that women had no phones..." Heh.


david, I was directed here by lgf, and I must say, jolly good read!

Cultural and moral equivalence are tenets of the Transnational Progressivist ideological war that has been waged for decades now. It is time to brace ourselves for this confrontation.


"Science, a methodology, IS a 'belief system'"

I believe if I chant this meme over and over, I'll lobotomize myself and be able to believe ANYTHING, and scientifically, too!

Islam does NOT persecute Baha'is!
Gravity does NOT apply to me!
I CAN fly-


Will Ness

This is an old 2+2=4 issue, as discussed also by Orwell in "1984". The relativists would have us believe it's 3, or 11, or that there isn't even an answer. But we ought to know better. This is, again, a conflict between a mystical and a scientific worldview. We thought it's an old, long ago decided question, but Nazism and, today, irrational Left, prove it's still as live and urgent as it ever was throuout human history. Something's wrong with our information-propagative systems (aka education) if each new generation acts as if these great truths were never before discussed and fought for, and have to learn every basic idea for themselves anew.

laine andrews

Beautifully, lucidly argued. However, we can hardly be surprised that the capacity to think critically is in such short supply since we have allowed the growth of a public education system that is dominated by the left from kindergarten through university. Students are no longer being taught HOW to think but WHAT to think by unionized socialist-minded teachers/propagandists (all the leftist talking points including the new bogey man, anthropogenic global warming). Students are also taught that anyone who disagrees with the "progressive" agenda is evil. Anyone who doubts this should say something conservative at the next school function. You'll be treated like a skunk at the picnic.

After graduation, the mainstream media takes up the baton and continues the indoctrination in the same (red) vein. It is a wonder that a sizable group has escaped the brainwashing, considering how near-universal the public education system is and how the left wing bias has percolated throughout the media and entertainment industries as well. Is this minority group of rebels and free thinkers large enough to withstand the further shocks that are going to be applied to the West in the near future? Can they sway enough of the sheep to rouse themselves out of their intellectual coma to help defend the West and its philosophic underpinnings?


I still think the left wants the America to fall to prove that socialism is better. They are just willing to crawl into bed with anyone, and I do mean anyone to try and bring this about.

Sir Henry Morgan

Will Ness:

" It is a wonder that a sizable group has escaped the brainwashing, considering how near-universal the public education system is and how the left wing bias has percolated throughout the media and entertainment industries as well. "

My own case may educate. I stopped listening at school by age 12, I stopped attending altogether by age 13, I officially left at age 15 and immediately enlisted (left school one day, was living in barracks the next). I went to a good university at age 36, another good one at age 41. What I'm trying to say is that I avoided the early indoctrination, and by the time I got back into it, I had enough experience of life to recognise BS when I saw it.

Also, I do not watch television.

I have, incidentally, been banned from the Guardian comment pages three times; not for use of foul language or for being threatening, but rather for pointing people at irrefutable evidence of the danger Islam poses to us. I may try and get in there for a fourth time one of these days, but I really don't see much point.

Sir Henry Morgan

My mistake. "Will Ness" should read laine andrews.


When dealing with loony left one shouldn't underestimate
their hidden racism and condescending attitude towards non-European cultures. In their view all non-whites are little children without any responsibility of the grownups, i.e. the West.
I believe this is at the core of cultural/moral relativism
so beloved by the left. It is simply racism in disguise.

Matthew Thomas

Dear Mr Thompson,

Your article is a wonderful dissembling of but one small slice of Postmodernism in action. Relativism and Multiculturalism are just pieces of the broad, overarching philosophy of Postmodernism which was designed and developed as a direct assault on the Enlightenment. Dr. Stephen Hicks, a Professor of Philosophy at Rockford College, Illinois, has written an excellent account of Postmodernism entitled, "Explaining Postmodernism: Skepticism and Socialism from Rousseau to Foucault". If anyone wishes to understand how otherwise intelligent people such as Ms. Bunting can issue such inane statements without being laughed off the intellectual stage, I would encourage them to read Mr. Hicks' book. Postmodernism as a whole must be exposed for what it is - TRIPE. It has infected the West with its virulent toxicity and if not countered, will prove its demise.

Pat Santy, M.D. (Psychiatry / Aerospace Medicine), has an excellent post on the conjuncture of Postmodernism, Socialism and Islamism for anyone who is interested. Here is the link:


David Thompson


Thanks. I mention Stephen Hicks in my 'Art Bollocks Revisited' piece and in my interview with Ophelia Benson, 'PoMo, Terry Eagleton & Che Guevara T-shirts'. (See February Archive, top right.)


A brilliant and eloquent summary of a major problem, which may mark the final decline of the West (perhaps Spengler was just a century too early).

Regarding your "South Park" reference, BTW, Parker and Stone are certainly prone to hitting the metaphorial nail squarely on its flattened little head. Contrary to Comedy Central's pious declaration, the appearance of Mohammed in the show had nothing whatsoever to do with the Danish cartoons. Mohammed simply appeared for 3 seconds handing the Family Guy a football with a salmon mounted on top. (No, really). In the very same episode, moments later, they had an "Islamic video" produced in response to the "Family Guy" Mohammed, which showed President Bush, Dick Cheney, and Jesus literally defacating on one another and on the American flag. Those oh so sensitive executives at CC had no problem showing that on TV immediately after censoring Mohammed. Perhaps Christians should try kidnapping, beheading, and threatening mass murder. Then I have no doubt our mass media would be more "sensitive" to their demands. F***ing cowards, the lot.

Jay Edwards

Fantastic article. It reminds me of incident which I was involved in college.

The professor of the comparative religion class I was enrolled gave us an assigment to write an essay on how Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam viewed technology. I arrived early to class the day the assignment was due, and was asked by a Muslim student about what I had written. After I recited my thesis, which had noting to do with tenets of Christianity or Islam, he threw his paper, screamed that "Christianity was just a cheap way to get to heaven, left the room, and dropped the class!
At the time I was too flustered to read the paper he had left. I really wish I had.

Sweating Through Fog

Excellent analysis, and a good exposure of the current blindness of the West.

Readers who want a clear perspective on the fanatic mindset of some Muslin "scholars" should look here:


The statement that takes your breath away is:

"For Islam, “human rights” - individual “rights” - do not exist."

You can't be any clearer than that.

Sweating Through Fog

Hmmm that's wierd - I posted the comment that the system now attributes to Jay Edwards


The following website summarizes over 200 similar court cases involving Jehovah's Witness Parents who refused life-saving blood transfusions for their children:



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