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February 21, 2007


Tom Freeman

The professor clearly has a dialectic in mind: Power meets Culture and becomes Cower.

Nice blog BTW David. Odd in parts, but good.

David Thompson

Hi, Tom. "Odd in parts"...?

Tom Freeman

Only in parts (http://davidthompson.typepad.com/davidthompson/2007/02/yet_strangely_c.html). And good odd rather than bad odd (http://www.johnredwood.com/page/2/24/)...

David Thompson

Ah, yes. The flying merkins have a certain charm, I think. Though for some reason it's the ladies' proper hair-dos that made me laugh most.


Dr. Savage states liberalism is a mental disorder. Mr. Engleton needs meds bad. Western Europe is lost to this type of insane thinking. Russia will go down fighting, and America better wake up. Although, it may be to late.

I write that because we already see terrorism in this country. It is called, " We have no idea why this man killed so many people, his being muslim had nothing to do with it." Which side is our State Department on? Stop allowing them in, and fire yourself Condi.


This Eagleton article is the sheerest load of crap I've ever read, even from a muddleheaded "postmodernist". And these people are salaried "academics"? GRRRH!

All values are equal, but some are more equal than others.

A great site, David. Keep up the good fight!


Sometime about 6-8 years back, Eagleton published a slim volume called "The Idea of Culture," part of some Blackwell series or other.

I've read a *l of "theory" in my time, and Eagleton's book was among the most poorly written, least memorable, all-around-godawful.

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