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Covey's Creatures

Jacob Covey's Beasts! is a deluxe printed menagerie of imaginary creatures once rumoured to exist. This hefty compendium of lost and hidden fauna is complete with explanatory notes on each fabulous monster and is lavishly illustrated by ninety modern artisans from the equally disreputable realms of comics, fine art and commercial illustration; among them Tom Gauld, Don Clark, Nathan Jurevicius and Steven Weissman. Featured beasts include the legendary Sea Hog, the Dog-Faced Bunyip and, of course, the American Buffalo - described by one European visitor to the New World as possessing “the hump of a camel, the tail of a scorpion and the long beard of a Spaniard...”

Beasts_gauld  Beasts_weissman_1  Beasts_jurevicius_1  Beasts_pegasi

Beasts! can be captured via Amazon or direct from Fantagraphics. The book’s curator is interviewed here. A limited edition letterpress print set is also available. Buy it now. It's a cryptozoologial marvel. A wonder of the age.

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