Retro Fetish

Feast of Cliché, World of Dumb

Via Zombietime, some peculiar sights from Sunday's anti-war protest in San Francisco. Follow the link for more images and clips. It's a feast of cliché, moral preening and badly made signage. Zombie's Hall of Shame, which documents other protests, is also worth a visit.

Imperialist_2 Class_warrior_4  Resistance_fighter_2

Setting aside the tin foil hats, the optimistic invitations to join dead religions and the homoerotic stilt dancers, even stranger sights remain. For instance, it's hard not to marvel at the juxtaposition of Bush=Hitler T-shirts with calls for the destruction of Israel and expressions of solidarity with those who would bring that about, given half a chance. And some anti-war protestors have an unusual disregard for life, provided it's American.

Update: In the interests of maintaining solidarity, I'm guessing news items like this one are studiously ignored. The Marxist gentleman, shown above, who believes that “violence is a consequence of class distinction” might want to reflect on this. And, in not entirely unrelated news