Superhero Pornface
The Passive-Aggressive Jihad

Friday Ephemera

Sun Ra does Batman (mp3) // Superman does porn with Big Barda. // Elongated Man fights crime by doing gross things with his body. Maybe it’s the ass-punching that unnerves. Or those huge inflatable eyes. // Real life speech balloons, made from mylar, naturally. (H/T, Fantagraphics.) // Purveyor of postmodern bollocks says very stupid things. Norm mocks postmodern bollocks. Second postmodernist gets really pissed, denounces Norm as “pro-war.” // More on postmodern bollocks here. // Scott Burgess on the Socialist gravy train. The Arts Council likes gravy too. // Women renounce Islam as ‘misogynist’; death threats ensue. // Lack of tourism in Islamic world is result of “Western-orchestrated propaganda.” And nothing to do with things like this. // Gaze-guided computing. // Fun with hemp. (H/T, Dr Westerhaus) // Behold, the Vertical Garden. // And the Lego harpsichord  sounds, er, fabulous.