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March 23, 2007



Spot on, as usual. It is interesting to see the MCB's reaction - admitting, through grated teeth, that it was the right "legal" verdict, but asserting at the same time that it was actually a "moral" question. As if caricaturing Muhammed was somehow an immoral act (which it might be for a Muslim but certainly is not for anyone else). And, of course, they hint darkly at racist motivations too.

Abdurahman Jafar: I don’t think it was ever a strong case. It’s about the right to publish and freedom of expression. It’s about respecting certain cultural, racial norms and sensitivities. Personally, I think it’s the right decision. It’s not a legal issue; it’s a moral one.

David Thompson


Yes, I did have to wonder about the bizarre reference to "racial norms.”

“As if caricaturing Muhammad was somehow an immoral act…”

There is, I think, a strong case to be made for the immorality of denying Muhammad’s less savoury deeds and ‘revelations’, and of denying their relevance to acts of barbarity today. And I’m pretty sure there’s a moral case to be made against those who presume to intimidate anyone who dares to register such things.


I wonder how long it is before prohibition of criticising Islam will be justified by national security concerns.

Actually, such concerns are really the only reason it is even an issue, the real question is how long will it be before they ADMIT that it is national security and not sensitivity/tolerance/diversity/blah blah... that is behind Europe's sudden interest in legally protecting (some) believers from criticism.

Always On Watch

passive-aggressive jihad

What an excellent term! I've never thought of the different kinds of jihad in that way, but passive-agressive is the perfect description.

BTW, I found your blog via a comment you left over at LionHeart's.

sheik er'mami

Thank you so much for this exceptionally well written article. Making sense has become more important than ever in our PeeCee-infected 'tolerant' society where 'tolerance' has become the latest all consuming cult, a cult that tolerates everything except us, the hosts....



The very fact that this was put to trial at all was a substantial victory for Islam. And a shameful commentary on what's idealized in EUrabia nowadays. Both tend to chill free speech when it's most urgently needed.

After all, if you can't disrepect Islam, what can you disrespect?

For example, I disrespect the nodding HIV-infected junkie laying in the park down the street. Similarly, I disrespect all Moslems for their adherence to this awful and obtrusive ideology called Islam.

Islofob IS-1

Very well said, thank you. I am looking forward to reading and hearing more.


For the 21st century I was expecting more science,more medical advances,more sophisticated political science and what did I get? ISLAM.
Instantly organized street demos and riots at the drop of a hat. Media recognition of crazed idiots whose strongest desire is to put me in an oven,a muslim neighbor with two wives who is constantly threatening in a veiled fashion,not for what I ever did but for my label and I am not supposed to critizise their absurd beliefs which is setting us up for a thousand years of violent struggle?
Future generations will curse us for our criminal negligence.But of course I had no say in the matter. But I will speak out when and where I can and this or that muslim this or that can stick it where there is no sunshine.

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