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March 20, 2007



Not an example of PC vacuity, but a bit of BBC reportage on Iraq from a Radio 5 news bulletin yesterday that made my jaw drop. Quoted from memory:

"26% of Iraqis surveyed said they felt 'very safe' in their neighbourhoods. This means that 74% of Iraqis don't feel very safe."


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Actually I wondered at that - I have just had some graffiti sprayed on my door and the street outside is a bit of a highway for noisy drunks - I would have said I felt "safe" in my area but not "very safe". What does that mean for an Iraqi?

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"It is regarded as a truism that perceptions and judgments depend on the observer’s position in social space."

C S Lewis (writing in the 60's) called this Bulverism. Mr Bulver said that 2 sides of an isoscoles (spelling?) triangle are equal. Mrs Bulver said, "You're only saying that because you're a man." So it has been around for some time.

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