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March 26, 2007


neil h

Hear hear!

I was in a bookshop yesterday and beside the display of Richard Dawkins' "The God Delusion" was a slim volume called "The Dawkins Delusion" (ho, ho, very satirical). I had a quick read of it in the shop - it's only four chapters long - and the basic tenet was "Coo, gosh - that Dawkins chappie is being a bit unfair on us Christians and our deeply held beliefs". I flicked ahead to find the chapter where the author would lay out his simple and concise arguments backed up with evidence for the existence of god and the validity of his religion. It wasn't there. Go figure.


it seems to me that mocking other people's beliefs for amusement is bad manners, and so we probably ought to avoid doing it, but some true believers are so durn pompous that it's really hard not to. I'm part of the same deeply-held belief system as the good Monsignor, but I think he's being a twit anyway.

David Thompson


As I explained here recently, my interest in a person’s private religious beliefs is minimal. If consenting adults wish to commune with the numinous by sticking pins in their eyes, that’s their business, not mine.

However, when those beliefs inform and justify political claims on what others may say or do, then those beliefs become fair game. Simply put, one can’t have it both ways.

There's more on the subject here:

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