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March 15, 2007



The unfortunate existence of Holocaust denial laws in Europe seems to reflect a die-hard elitism that does not trust the masses to "revisit our own ideas about the world," as you so nicely put it. Constraints on speech not only betray a lack of confidence, they also betray ones hand--there's power in knowing why a contrary voice might be perceived as "an existential threat."


Am I right in thinking that the notorious David Irving after years of disputing the number of Jews killed during the second world war, finally came to a different conclusion? Having questioned whether it was a systematic attempt by the Nazi regime to eradicate the Jewish population of Europe, certain historical records were uncovered and he changed his mind. Being an historian he had to base his conclusions on the evidence, and he admitted he was wrong.

Say what you want when you want how you want. If what you say is wrong then you will eventually be exposed. The truth will set you/us free.

Feel free to question/expose tyranny

Unfortunately in the present political climate people who question the totalitarian theocracy known as Islam are equated with holocaust deniers

David Thompson

The Mayor of Rome, Walter Veltroni, had an interesting solution to a related issue with a jackass footballer:

"Paolo Di Canio, the Lazio forward who has become the darling of the neo-fascist right with his repeated straight-arm salutes, has been summoned by the mayor of Rome to listen to fellow Italians who survived the Nazi death camps. A council official said the mayor, Walter Veltroni, had asked the entire SS Lazio squad to attend a meeting next Thursday."


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