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Retro Fetish

Steampunk Workshop presents a wonderful exercise in retro-fitting. You too can reinvent your keyboard for an altogether more stylish computing experience. Click here for detailed step by step instructions, complete with stills and video clips, and follow the transformation from generic beige plastic to glorious brass tubes, glass and nickel keys and a touch of alluring felt.

Steampunk_keyboard2  Steampunk_keyboard4  Steampunk_keyboard

A selection of other retro-fitting projects, including the clockwork Stratocaster, can be found here. The Steampunk blog, Brass Goggles, features a range of elegantly retro pastimes, from cog embroidery to goggle making.


Matt M

I think I'm in love.

David Thompson

I know. Real felt. There's more retro whimsy over here:



Madness. That crap never worked well, and hence we evolved better interfaces (where's the 'retro' mouse BTW?). Retro-masochism in my view. Buy a mac, stroke those glorious white keys and never look back.

David Thompson

If nothing else, we've discovered there's apparently a fine line between nostalgic whimsy and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

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