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Something lighter today, I think. A visitor to this blog was puzzled by the comic book coverage here. “Why comics?” they asked. Well, it’s hard to explain the appeal of comics convincingly. Maybe it’s just a deep personal flaw and something one shouldn't speak of. I could, of course, ramble on about the aesthetics of the form and its potential for storytelling. But I think a lot of the appeal hinges on seeing improbable things. Outlandish things. To illustrate the point, here’s an extract from Silence, by Grant Morrison & Frank Quitely, from New X-Men #121.

Published in 2002 as part of Marvel’s ‘Nuff Said project, Silence has only one line of dialogue, uttered by Jean Grey in one of those “to be continued” moments. Before that, though, we see Jean and Emma venturing inside the mind of a comatose Cassandra Nova, intent on rescuing the Professor’s estranged consciousness from the clutches of his evil twin. Yes, I know. It’s a long story. But hopefully you’ll see why it’s an interesting issue. Maybe it’s the nods to Dali and Blake, or Emma’s hipflask and impeccable tailoring. Or maybe it’s just the sight of mutant foetuses brawling in the womb.

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Oh, come on. Don't pretend you're not intrigued.