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March 08, 2007


The Sanity Inspector

Nothing new to quasi-literary adolescents from long ago, with their Vampirella, Druuna and Den comix.

David Thompson

Yes, though Druuna was always overtly erotic in intent. I don't think there was ever much doubt what her 'adventures' were about or why readers bought them. Ditto Den, as I recall. And the superabundant muscle always looked like plasticine.


I'm not exactly a Land's fan, but I think that this thing of "porn face" might be somewhat exaggerated; not that the faces wouldn't be "interpretable" as porn faces, but it would be no different if it were another artist, or even in a non-porn movie depicting the same situation. Just happens that the expressions are naturally somewhat dubious.

Ian Glass

"...not that the faces wouldn't be 'interpretable' as porn faces..."

No interpretation necessary, amigo. Greg Land traces from photos often, and I know for a fact the first picture displayed on the blog was taken from a porn pic of some chick giving herself a good rub down.


I REALLY want to know the context (in the comic, not the porno) of the second one, where she's got the green highlight on her hair. I just can't look away from that face.


The context for that frame is that in an issue of Ultimate fantastic four, Susan storm meets her mother, whom she thought had died or just left her dad when she was like 5, and apparently finds out that she was searching for atlantis the whole time.

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